somethingnew 7 points ago

I doubt he had enough time to do that once he realized what was there.

somethingnew 18 points ago

He clearly hit the breaks as soon as he saw them. Not sure what else he could have done.

somethingnew 1 point ago

Horrible idea. Anyone associated with nazis in any way is extremely toxic to most mainstream Americans including most conservatives and independents. The public doesn't really care about nuance and that he was an aerospace engineer, all they'll see is a nazi.

somethingnew 16 points ago

The replies to this tweet are awesome. In twitter lingo, the NYT is getting ratioed.

somethingnew 3 points ago

Was it specifically about running for POTUS?

somethingnew 4 points ago

When? Was he completely serious or joking?

somethingnew 6 points ago

Just because Obama did, doesn't mean that Trump will. Trump was directly asked a few months ago if he would endorse Pence if he ran in the 2024 primary and Trump said he wouldn't endorse anyone in the primary but will back and campaign for whomever the republican voters choose in the general.

somethingnew 9 points ago

POTUS will stay out of the 2024 primary. He said as much any time he's been asked.

somethingnew 2 points ago

Fuck Ron Johnson and James Lankford. The GOP are going against everything their voters want to appease people who will still call them nazis. Fuck any R who is a D in disguise.

somethingnew 2 points ago

This isn't the Seattle one, this is the Utah shooter.

somethingnew 41 points ago

Why are you protecting this piece of shit's identity OP? We don't need to hide their usernames any more.

somethingnew 12 points ago

It would be far more dangerous if men were trying to date woke "women".

somethingnew 2 points ago

Ok, then hopefully he's primaried 4 years from now and replaced with an actual Republican.

somethingnew 7 points ago

Braun going on Tucker and getting wrecked is probably one of the dumbest moves ever. I think he is purposefully trying to lose.

somethingnew 3 points ago

I'm pretty sure one of them was just household appliances and a bunch of food companies. So, some of it at least is a direct attack by leftists to put pressure on Zuckbot to stop the Trump campaign. Honestly, this should be treated as in kind contributions to the dems. They are essentially trying to force a platform from stopping Trump from fighting back against the dem smears.

somethingnew 8 points ago

Yep, she's one of the last few journalists and one of the best as well.

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