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I like it... and by the way, the 7500 series respirators are fun to paint: https://ibb.co/Fxg53TF

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What about a diaper? Will that stop the virus? I had a neighbor tell me she was using stapled-together coffee filters; I asked her if they were new or used. The same question should apply to diapers, as well.

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Tree Surgeon. If you're not carrying your weight for the company, into the wood chipper you go!

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Hopeless* Very close, chinese troll farm, but better ruck next a-time. So solly!

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RE #8... Nancy Pelosi sez "Is that like a personal attack or something?"

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Coronavirus has a solution for this unfortunate creature's plight....

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Ivanka has embraced the Tippy Hedren model of aging, I see (i.e., look young just about forever)

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That broad in Hawaii... why was she so agro? That makes me far more suspicious of this whole thing being a big lie than empty hospitals (although that makes me pretty suspicious already). It would be very easy for her to say something along the lines of "we're trying to be ready for a massive influx" or however a Hawaiian would phrase that, but instead she falls back on the prog S.O.P. of slapping at the camera. This really is all just one big put-on.

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I'm the wrong person for the job, but I appreciate OP's request for an editor. Never anything wrong with getting a second opinion.

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Grand Solar Minimum don't care about global warming.

And I have to say I've been loving this weather. Do you remember 15ish years ago when we had three or four mild summers, each milder than the previous? By the end I think there were only a couple of week's worth of 90 degree days. Heaven (for me)!

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I don't like AholeC, I don't respect AholeC, I wish nothing but the worst for AholeC... BUT she is very good at connecting with and motivating her base to take direct action to achieve a goal. We have no congressional equivalent to her, and that definitely needs to change in November.

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Looks like a bunch of coronaviruses (coronavirii?).

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I'm trying to decide if I should pronounce it "world-ometers" or "world-o-meters" I kind of like world-o-meter because it sounds like something from the 50's, when America killed communist filth instead of electing them to congress.

But it is important to note that those kinds of sites are visited, and probably even cited by the Fifth Column media, and so we need to be aware when fuckery is afoot.

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Ah... the chinese troll farm is finally back to work!

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Russell Means would be a bad-ass name for a blues singer. Get the Russell Means and the Wailin' Many-Feathers Band's greatest hits, including their classics:

-- Reservations 'bout Livin' On The Rez

-- Sold This Land For A Bag of Beads

-- Turquoise, Silver & Sorrow

-- Got Those Buried-In-An-Anthill Blues

-- Mean Ol' Squaw

-- Smallpox Blanket Keeps Me Warm

-- and many more!

There's only one sound sadder than the howl of the lonesome wind blowin' across the empty plains, and that's Russell Means and the Wailin' Many-Feathers Band! Order yours today!

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Sheriffs. Interesting. And Acting Captain Lt. Salvador Becerra (per https://lasd.org/malibu-lost-hills/) . Probably related to our shit AG Xavier Becerra.

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Remember how T_D used to periodically send salt to CNN? Can we start sending ventilators to directly to Cuomo's office?

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JFC... that's pathetic.

Edit: why were they going to the ship AT ALL if it's only for trauma patients? "Up to the point of embarking aboard the hospital ship, the patients had only filled out a questionnaire and had their temperature taken as part of an initial screening process."

That doesn't sound like trauma to me.

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I think some tennis courts near me were finally locked. I may be investing in a "master key" and opening them up for people. I don't play tennis, but I've had enough of this bullshit.

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