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Dominion: We are deploying brand new servers and equipment for this election.

Also Dominion: We are shredding used equipment and servers after this election.

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They have been in the frying pan for 3 weeks and they finally respond, after closing several offices, moving people around, deleting online profiles, etc., and now they finally respond?

They probably needed to rewrite bits of the source before it is audited.

would necessarily require the collaboration of thousands of participants,

Not true. Software can be designed so that no one operating the front end can see what is going on in the back end. Do they think we've never been to a website on the internet before? Did anyone know that Facebook was storing user passwords in plain text with no hash or encryption before someone told us years later? STFU Dominion.

including state officeholders, bipartisan local elections officials,

You hit 4 big cities. That's where the votes are just not right, do not follow any trend from the rest of the country. You don't need thousands of people to pull that off. Not even hundreds. Really, the only people you need on your side are the people bringing the machines to them and installing the software, but even they don't know what the source code looks like.

thousands of volunteer Election Day poll watchers in thousands of locations across the state of Georgia

Again, not necessary. One, Republicans were kicked out in Atlanta. iirc all poll watchers were kicked out for a bogus reason late at night. And how are they supposed to see the source code from your voting machines on the hard drives of the machines from 100 ft away?

federal and state government technology testing agencies

Texas was good enough to reject your broken software and hacked machines, otherwise it would've gone blue, too.

private elections service companies

Who? Were they allowed to see your source code?

and independent third-party auditors.

Ah, yes, like all of the audits that the Democrats are desperate to block, impede, delay, or otherwise tangle up legally?

This quite simply did not occur.

You are an enemy of the United States.

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Pretty much every decision rendered by the Supreme Court lost until it got to the Supreme Court.

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Apparently he is the judge who is going to oversee the bogus Voting Rights Act Case now coming out of Michigan trying to block Trump from overturning the election there. The only thing I can find about it right now is some cuck article.

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They better do something. I'm so goddamn mad right now I can't even see straight.

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If you can't attack them for having a disability, we can never call them out for being Democrats again.

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I believed Trump won on election night. I continued to believe it until I watched the video. Now, I not only believe Trump won but I also am now convinced that the use of force to retain power is justified.

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I only watch Greg Kelly. Dude is 100% based and is a dude I'd like to sit around and have a beer with.

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