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You know what since you're admitting you're too stupid to appreciate what I've shared, and it's been downvoted, I'm fucking deleting it. Enjoy the tyranny, pussies.

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I tried to give you context...I certainly have given you more than I was ever given. At least it's a somewhere for you to start your own study.

slickrock 10 points ago

Duckworth is blocking the promotion of US soldiers.

This needs to be repeated everywhere like, "Epstein did not kill himself."

slickrock 11 points ago

Aunt Jamima got off two swings before hitting the flo.

slickrock 1 point ago

Never one to use accept common word usage, I call them, "Liberal-tarians."

When I once considered, Liberaltarianism, I noticed that they supported open borders while still were a welfare state.

Also, Liberaltarians support sodomite marriage, instead of the conservative, principled position of demanding that government be removed from the religious ordinance known as, "marriage."

slickrock 17 points ago

Our team of MAGA patriots should make her blocking of military promotions a national story.

Duckworth hates US soldiers.

slickrock 1 point ago

To each his own.

I would prefer GEOTUS with his stern look directed towards the people.

slickrock 1 point ago

It's only a "trap" if it is successful, and that's what we're celebrating.

slickrock 0 points ago

Fuck you, cuck.

I wanna make a patch out of it.

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