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America's edu system needs a total overhaul too or else vetting immigrants won't mean shit when the rot grows from inside

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He's not...

Just remember, he's rich as fuck, has had more primo box than you'll ever see in magazines and is the president after beating every corrupt person and institution on the whole. Fucking. Planet.

I think he can be trusted to know what the hell he's doing.

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He was just a computer repair guy! He didn't ask for any of this! Now he's wearing body armor and carrying a rifle!

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I fucking hate that alcoholism is and was marketed so heavily. I hate that I didn't see through all the shit until so late.

Good on you bro, keep it up and keep working your steps

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Speaking of dementia, his corn pop speech. Whew.

Cheers to the good wife you lucky bastage

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Leftist girls want normal, traditional guys. They won't admit, don't realize it. But whiny emotional limp nice guys are nobody's prize

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Almost seems like a dare. Someone dared him to communicate with Trump to prove a point and it turns out the Dems and left are the cunts.

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Ugh. I'm imagining USA protests that would be torches and pitchforks. unchained.

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Is hunter already arkancided?

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i want to read that book on his transformation. and his own words and thoughts.

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yeah but that regeneron synthetic targeted antibody is freaking star trek level treatment compared to the barbaric remdesivir that only interferes with the action of viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase causing a decrease in viral RNA production.

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mollie hemmingway should be a role model for girls; attractive, clean, intelligent, logical.

don't know what she's like behind the scenes tho, but that's a much better start than HoBag McRapQueen

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