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My hardcore gun buddy, like builds a new AR every week posted, “this is the result of you having a terrible candidate, now you reap what you sow.” Oh ok, dials hello atf, I’d like to report some more AR’s for Heels Up to pickup.

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It’s a good thing Daddy is going to win this thing!!

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At least she has options of what gun to use...

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Again, how any government employees can have a PRIVATE union, is entirely bullshit and Trump needs to eliminate this in his next 4 years. How about you just be good at your job and get raises/promotions based on merit, not because you've worked there for a long time. Or how you get fired for being a terrible piece of shit employee, but with a private union, it makes it 98% harder to do so.

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I'm 99.9% sure I had it. I was incapacitated Dec. 31st, and better functioning the next day. Finally relieved of symptoms end of January. Mid-January, I actually even contracted pink eye, which the following day had spread to both eyes.


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Welcome to the problems in IL as well. Unions and pensions are destroying our state.

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This guy should have been shot on site.

However, how the fuck could Dad not kick the locked bathroom door in?! I would have saved my expensive defensive carry ammo, and beat the mother fucker to death right there in that stall.

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No need to delete the comment, I appreciate the help - even though he probably clicked submit a fraction of a second quicker than you.

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I bet she could make the whole thing disappear into her throat though...

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I'd like to say, I do not discriminate on breast size. Equal opportunity breast lover here!