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You just make it sound more scary by changing the terminology. that's just marketing speak.

China flu has a "0.4% higher death rate compared the regular ass flu among people 50-70" is completely accurate.

The point is the same. No one should be shutting anything down over this.

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Nope. Just presenting the data.

But your dipshit attempts at baiting are worth half a chuckle.

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not likely. Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada and North Carolina.

These States are all trying to cheat to win and draw it out FOR MONTHS. If you live in any of those States... get involved.

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For comparison, regular seasonal Flu survival rate:

0-19: 99.99%

20-49: 99.98%

50-69: 99.94%

70+: 99.17%

So China Virus is 0.4% more deadly than the regular ass Flu for people 50-70.

And 4.8% more deadly than the regular ass Flu for people over 70.

Which includes all the fake deaths of course.

Global Fauci pandemic!!!!!!!!

src: Business Insider/CDC data https://archive.is/uSvUa/c3c7ec87471b4d008982238397c6981b06036a9a.webp

(note the COVID data in this source image is total BS)

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great point about FL elections. Had not thought of that.

My only concern with ACB is that she ruled in favor of Illinois COVID restrictions being allowable. Which leads me to believe she might be weak if they claim "vote-by-mail because of muh covid". Hard to say.

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ahh... interesting. I knew there was something but I didn't recall. Here is a snippet about her in a negative light: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/at-cpac-joy-villa-responds-to-criticism-about-scientology-and-her-views-on-abortion

In any case, her effort today was great. Take your allies where you can find them, and then don't trust them.

Jason Whitlock is great, regardless. And I don't think Corey grabbed his ass, so should be good there.

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They need to find a Judge willing to rule in their favor.

And even then, they are still going to do it regardless.

Then they need someone willing to Challenge the results. Not just for President but also for House and Senate, Governors, and State AGs, etc.

The President cannot compel a challenge for a House or Senate or local races. Only the RNC can along with the actual candidate in the race.

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Astute observation.

They can cheat all they want if no one is willing to challenge any of these House races.

The RNC sucked a giant egg in 2018.

Only one House race was contested... and it was Pelosi who contested a loss in NC. Imagine that.

The RNC and Paul Ryan and Ronna McDaniel didn't lift a finger to challenge anything.

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yep, 100%. The mail-in is their campaign. The election will be won or lost in the courts, not with the people.

Likewise, this is why they don't care at all about any "negative stories" coming out against Biden.

Plagiarism? Who cares.

Ukraine, China, Moscow pay-for-play? Who cares.

Spying on Trump and political enemies? Who cares.

None of it affects how many votes they can steal with mail-in ballots.

Presidential elections usually turn out about 65% of voters overall.

Imagine if that number is artificially pumped up to 85%. That's another 20 million fraudulent votes. Enough to turn over every battleground state and more.

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the letter is addressed to "Agent in Charge McPherson" at FBI Tampa field office.

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yeah well, we tried letting communities "of color" watch themselves, and hold themselves to a safe, law abiding standard... but they gave up on that shit decades ago.

And only dipshits say "wrongheaded".

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