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pics would be great. or if you could do it, a video of you interviewing the officers asking them what it's all for (if they'd give a blunt answer like that on tape)

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From what I remember, it’s because he keeps “lining up” the judges he’s getting into the 9th circuit.

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Early voting numbers in HI don't look so great for us but this gives me hope!

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We love you all, pedes. Thanks for sticking with us through the growing pains. Y’all just have HIGH ENERGY and we love it!

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Not sure how in season they are but peach cobbler! and apple crisp is great too. specifically for this time of year!

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Bugs Bunny meme NO.

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oh crap, wrong link! thanks for the mention of yo-yo ma or i wouldn't have caught the error lol. fixed. title was right, link was from last time.

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not yet, as far as I know!

u/SheGuevara2020 you still got the bun in the oven?

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I mean, it's "late night" crew for a reason ;) but thanks for stopping by!

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We love our based silver fox, yes <3 And GEOTUS of course, that goes without saying

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Trying not to suffocate from all the ash and smoke but am safe for now <3 prayers for auntie!

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You’ll have to ask u/SheGuevara2020 about that, she’s the one with babypede on the way :)

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