shadypollster [S] 2 points ago

Yeah for reals, it's pretty simply. I feel this is all some big game of chicken tbh. Like vampires if you invite them in. I feel the mods restricting the reddit was an ace move. Especially with this as back up and now of course the main :D

shadypollster [S] 4 points ago

Good move. Take it slow and build the rolls of posters.

shadypollster [S] 1 point ago

Thanks for the info. It's a bummer image maga is gon ?

shadypollster [S] 26 points ago

TheQuartering is based. Look into what happened with the cosplay situation. It was resolved. Don't believe the lies. TheQuartering is good stuff. Also check out his Midwestly channel.

shadypollster [S] 5 points ago

Bye bye Bloomie. I love it when the left eats their own :D Zero sympathy for any misunderstanding they may have.

shadypollster [S] 3 points ago

Song is called Living on a Thin Line btw.

shadypollster [S] 4 points ago

I noticed lots of shadowban triggers like if you post from Gab or about gab. What a bunch of losers.

shadypollster [S] 3 points ago

Not using Maga Image obviously XD

shadypollster [S] 1 point ago

Like the man says do not worry about retirements. New blood hopefully.

shadypollster [S] 12 points ago

Sanctuary policies cut both ways. Ironic how the democrats love them some state's rights to defy law and order.

shadypollster [S] 9 points ago

And you can still shellacked the comments anyhow. I was a doubter but it makes sense.

shadypollster [S] 10 points ago

I have no idea what is going on. I trust Trump to navigate the swamp.

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