When I was a teenage kid with nothing, living in Cleveland, painting fire escapes for cash and surviving on an egg and a slice of bread a day, I had a friend who was into business and his future, and looked up to "Donald Trump" and read the "Art of the Deal". It gave me a direction in life.

I considered welfare. I was so hungry. One day I even went to the welfare office, but after an hour of sitting in that place, I left. I kept trying. I lived in an 2 bedroom apartment with 7 people.

I landed a job as a janitor at a hospital. I watched them install Novell and spent my money on books about Novell networking IPX/SPX, and one night when their computer systems went down, I wrote a batch script to correct the problem. I think management thought it was ironic that a janitor fixed the computers and they helped me get a job with their helpdesk.

From there I jumped to being a programmer and then Unix Administrator. I have a family and plenty of money. On my last 2 trips to New York and Chicago (pre 2016) I met cab drivers who pointed out Trump's Towers with pride as though they owned it.

The Trump family is an example for all of America. Work hard, be smart, do the right thing, and it will pay off. Strength, Freedom, Liberty, Love. God bless.