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Naomi Biden was born to mother Kathleen Biden (Hunter’s first wife) & father HUNTER BIDEN.

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i have but only one upbrick to give, ur majesty

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I fucking love this place

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This smells like fake news put out there by the FBI as an excuse as to why they’ve been sitting on the laptop. oNgOiNg iNvEsTiGaTiOn 🥴

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if you’ll notice...the post title is the tweet. I’m not claiming this is breaking news. I’m just sharing. Is that still ok to do, your majesty?

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“The primary source for the Steele dossier was likely a Russian agent.”

  • Comey’s bitch, Lindsey Graham
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I’m asking about his concealed permit not his license to be a security guard within Denver city limits. Two different things.

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It was, apparently, a private security contractor for a 9NEWS reporter on the scene.

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so I downloaded the “Vote Joe” app to see what this feature was all about that apparently shows you how your contacts are registered and in what state they are registered in. Low and behold, it shows me as D (CA) and I haven’t lived in CA for over 15 years, my frens.

FYI, the app doesn’t require you to verify your email address when you “sign up” so I just used [email protected]

Give it a try.

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