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Schrodinger's Cat is also the one that figured out that if you fire a strip of bacon at ultra-high velocities through a wall with two slits in it, the bacon passes through both slits simultaneously, thus becoming two strips of bacon.

He called it 'Baconception'.

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Keep the redpills coming, you pantyfa dummies! Youre doing all our work for us. All we have to do is finalize the memes.

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I have one of those zapper tennis rackets that electrocutes bugs. It's mainly for looking crazy while swatting frantically at something invisible while muttering under one's breath. But it occasionally kills a bug. I wonder if that will be enough.

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you can never be too safe. Maybe I should put a faraday tent inside my faraday tent. Just to be sure.

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<3 <3 <3 how can i stay away, eh.

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thank you so much for taking the time to respond! For the first point - fortunately I am naturally modest, moreso than my mother or female relatives, and moreso than most of my peers. So I used to get people off my back about it by saying "I'm just very victorian." When you say it firmly, progressives leave you alone. Because they think it makes you sound goth.

The second point - I will have to look into this. I have to admit I know nothing about these subjects.

The third point - I have done some of this, and will definitely do more.

I wish there was someone I could beat up for the way the commies raised me. But watching the DNC go down in flames while hurtling off a cliff I suppose will suffice.

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Thanks, and btw to you and all reading, I TAKE RECCS on sources of how to be a proper woman/lady, how to de-leftify yourself. There is precious scant information for that kind of transition in behavior and thinking geared toward females.

I could write volumes on this. I've ranted on tdw before about this topic. At length.

But I just can't rest until I've got it off my chest - again - that we as MAGA females NEED GOOD ROLE MODELS. Men (and often women too) can break down in excruciating detail what is WRONG with women today. Fine, so you broke me down. I am a horrible progressive cunt. I don't want to be. I accept that everything I ever learned was wrong. NOW WHAT.

I'm not kidding. Now what. Tell me what to do. Tell me what a healthy woman looks like. Tell me how a lady is supposed to think and act. I am ready to be different. And theres NO GUIDANCE.

Sooner or later attention will have to be brought to this issue, although that day is a long time coming. We have other things we need to focus on first. Like white genocide and splat lives matter and the elections and tons of other stuff. But when men finally heal, and get to a calm place, we will have to focus on what to do about the savage damage these commies and feminists have done to the collective female psyche.

End rant. And blessings.

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Thank you, I am going to read that. When the pedosta dumps happened was when I dropped all the programming in my head. And that left me with a big empty hole in my personality. I did not know who to be, or how to be. I had no idea who to model myself after.

That's part of why Melania is so important. I need to look to her to figure out how to BE sometimes, because when you grow up in a cult, and then theres no more cult, you feel like there's no more YOU. I had no family role models. If I did, I wouldn't have accepted the programming so readily.

But who really saved me, and dug me out of my hole and helped me begin to put myself back together, was Jordan Peterson. I would be so lost without him. He spends a lot of time talking about men, but when he does, I learn about myself. And he doesnt always just talk about men.

And so I'm just barely climbing out of that hole. I'm off to a good start. But there are some days I wonder if I need therapy. Then I put my tinfoil hat back on and remember that therapy is for faggots, all I need is muh pedes and muh chans. I can do this without some ill-qualified therapist to hold my hand through it all. It is tough going sometimes. I will take all the insight I can get.

Blessings, fam!

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If you are new to our side of the fence, if you haven't watched Dinesh D'Souza's movie 'Hillary's America', it is amazing. He explains how the 'Party Switch' never happened. That was just a marketing ploy to ditch their racist public image.

The movie is very fun to watch, kind of grips your attention the way a movie should so it was well made... and the way he lays it all out for you is so incredible. Opened my eyes.

DNC was the party of the KKK? No, it is the party of the KKK, and always has been! But if people knew, they'd never vote for em anymore, so can't have people finding out now!

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we are taught to fend for ourselves, change our tires, get a full time career, mow our own lawns, make our own independent life decisions. We are raised to be Every Woman.

Don't you see how that ruins us? I was raised that way. I had to fight all the programming they ever put in my head to learn to be demure, learn when to NOT talk, learn when to LET someone else take care of something, learn how to compromise, and learn how to relinquish control over parts of MY life to a man I trust.

I'm still not very good at it because of a lifetime of programming.

It can feel like its easier to just get a man with no spine who needs a mommy. Then you don't have to change the way you live your life. You don't have to relinquish anything. You don't have to give up any control.

But when you do this, no matter how thick the programming runs in your head, as a female, your biology is telling you the entire time that you don't really want this. This guy has weak genes, and your body knows it. He is unreliable and your internal mothering instinct knows it. He couldn't physically defend you and it is not sexy whatsoever. But you lie to yourself because you don't KNOW HOW to be in a real relationship, and its better than being alone.

Progressive females don't realize how deeply theyve been lying to themselves about their cuck BF until they have a kid together. Then, you see clearly just how unable and inept your man is, because you are a mother now so it is really in your face how you are the one who will have to step up and defend this family, because he sure as shit can't. You dont realize why, but he starts to repulse you. Sooner or later, for no real reason, you can't stand the sight of him.

He blames you for being a complete cunt because he didn't change and you did. He thinks youre unpredictable, unreliable, and psycho, and that what you did was not fair. He's half right. But the ones to blame for this are the commies who program this shit into little kids by design to plant the seeds that FUCK UP FAMILY DYNAMICS later in the child's life.

So you're never attracted to the beta cuck per se. You are attracted to the freedom and the freedom from criticism that he represents.

This is all from being heavily programmed that women don't need men to survive. That they can be complete and have complete lives on their own. The government has no room in ANY of its agendas for a mother to function as a mother. She must be a "person" first and foremost. She must be a working woman. She must not be reliant on men for what she needs. Girls pick this up from a VERY early age and it is continually reinforced.

I will gladly admit that I can't do certain things by myself. That will get you labelled as "helpless" and "needy". It is viewed negatively.

edit to add: let's say I'm 20 and I can't change my tires because I'm a girly-girl. Then one day, I get a flat. I call a progressive man I know to come and help me. He fixes the tire, but bitches about how I should know how to do these things myself. And he doesnt teach me how to fix the tire. So five years down the road, I get a flat tire again. But I remember how men don't like dealing with women who have these problems. So I youtube it, and fix it myself. I learn how. I hate fucking doing it. But now I know how. Five years go by again and I get a flat. A man sees and offers to help. But I remember how much I hate this shit, so I just say, "No, that's okay. I got it." Like a dyke who needs nothing from you at all.

The commies are trying to make women be men. Fine now women are men, and their hearts are hard. Congratulations. You just fucked up the nuclear family by teaching a woman how to be the woman AND THE MAN.

If that clarifies.

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I read that too, but then talked to someone who lives in town, and they said that they havent closed the entire freeway every night... theyve been letting the terrorists protest on a section of convertible lanes, but they don't close the entire highway with the shit. idk

I do know that right in that area there are express lanes on the I5 that are tiered so they run along the freeway, but underneath it. I know those express lanes merge back up with the I5 right in the same area where the accident happened, but I can't remember exactly where.

IF the terrorists were allowed to protest in the express lanes, those are reversible lanes. AM they go one way. PM they go the other way. So they have all these barriccades they use to close the lanes as they're switching directions.

Prolly what happened is they closed both northbound and southbound barricades to keep people off the express lanes. But I know of two places where you can go around the barricade if you pull an illegal move, and people sometimes do it.

So the idea that the cops think just because the barriccades are up that means the terrorists are safe from the cars is asinine. Its like they don't know the shortcuts in their own city.

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HA, only if they don't live in a democrat cesspool. Otherwise the chances of at least one of them ending up on drugs is astronomically high.

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Can confirm, I am a female, and my oil needed to be changed six weeks ago. I still haven't done it yet. I swear I am doing it soon.

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was just gonna say... is it terrorism when they do it too? or is it only terrorism when they all have the same father.

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I called my incurable progressive cousin last night. They are being redpilled by this shit. NOTHING has redpilled them in 4 years, its like their brain has a teflon coating. But this? This is working where nothing else did. They said the chaz is horiffying, and the mayor of seattle must be stopped.

What's even crazier than that is they said they thought Kashma Sawant (the socialist/communist city council member who doxxed Jenny DurkaDurka) was a fucking NUTCASE, and that her ultra-left followers are completely over the line with the statues and the killings and whatnot.

I have never heard this kind of talk from this person before, not ever.

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That's why whatever collateral damage may occur, its better that none of the blood be on our hands for it. We are not going to get dragged into their moral morass, and be so focused on how much we hate them that we stop giving a shit about right and wrong. That's their bag. Not ours.

We aren't pacifists. We are the smartest motherfuckers in the room. We will fight if it becomes necessary, and we will fight in whatever ways are necessary. We fight decisively and righteously. But we aren't the kind of people who starve kids to get at their parents and leaders. We can win without that kind of shit, and youre right, they're doing just fine without our help. Why should we sign our names to that villany.

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Chyna is busy trying to take over ONE THIRD OF THE WORLD'S OVERSEAS SHIPPING BUSINESS by controlling the South China Sea's shipping lanes.


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Poison in baby formula and milk in 2008


Poison in dog food 2014


Poisonous counterfeit sauces 2017


Fraud found by Inscatech agents in about 100% of tested chinese foods 2017


Lead paint STILL found in child's toys in 2018


Selling non-edible poisonous industrial salt as table salt


Expired meat passed off as fresh and sold wholesale to fast food chains McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and Burger King.


Passing off chemicals in hot water as pork soup is no problem in chyna...

"A video made by a Chinese dietitian has become popular on Internet showing a commonly adopted way to turn boiled water into "high quality pork soup" for hot pot. By adding ethyl maltol, capsicum oleoresin, and Disodium 5’-ribonucleotide into boiled water, fake pork hot pot soup becomes ready to serve in 20 seconds. As investigators dug deeper, it was revealed to the public that many cooks of hot pot restaurants took training programs in China that approved the fraud to reduce cost. Investigators also found antimalarial drugs in the soup to cover the side effects of rotten meat"


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