roflcopter [S] 14 points ago

Love these briefings.

What would Bathouse Barry have done in a similar situation?

roflcopter [S] 25 points ago

Bill Gates was a cut throat business man in the 90s.

Then he spent billions trying to buy himself nice PR. It worked. People think he's an angel.

roflcopter [S] 4 points ago

Lol I have my own equipment. I just prefer working out in that energetic environment plus I miss my gym buds.

roflcopter [S] 6 points ago

Wtf is "CCN" and why are we giving that shitty blog attention?

roflcopter [S] 3 points ago

The corporations will take over eventually. I'm glad I won't be around to see it happen.

roflcopter [S] 9 points ago

But..but according to Jeff Bezos funded sci-fi show The Expanse the UN will govern the entire planet in the future!


roflcopter [S] 3 points ago *

Nice 1 hour old account there buddy. I'm sure Trump should've never fired Sessions either.

Him being around for decades is literally the definition of deep state.

roflcopter [S] 78 points ago

Camera sight resembles a fucking sniper scope!

roflcopter [S] 4 points ago

I googled the article and suffered so the rest of you don't have to.

The diversity tour starts with Asians now being victims of hate crime, then even delves into LGBTQ as it relates to the pandemic (???).

roflcopter [S] 26 points ago

Why are they so ugly?

Also how many seconds of her screeching can one actually listen to? I lasted 4 seconds.

roflcopter [S] 24 points ago

Coronavirus test site near me has been a ghost town. Maybe a line of 4 cars at its busiest, with the site being designed for lines of hundreds of cars.

roflcopter [S] 100 points ago

The funny thing is the term "fake news" sprung up inorganically literally overnight by the mainstream media (coordination?) in response to the Pizzagate accusations.

We took it from them and made it our own!

roflcopter [S] 2 points ago

Haha I've been laughing out loud at all the replies. You guys are hilarious!

roflcopter [S] 94 points ago

That's great and all but are the drug manufacturing factories diverse enough??


roflcopter [S] 39 points ago

The Dems always hijack every crisis to further their agenda.

It's about time we use a crisis to do some actual good for U.S. citizens.

roflcopter [S] 3 points ago

It's okay pede. Let's everyone have a good time here.

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