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Best counter argument I’ve had is “how much should we print?” Then when (if) they can give you a number, ask them “why not 2x that amount?or why not 10x that amount? Why should we only give them that much?”

Usually stumps them.

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See if your local range has training classes. Those are usually a good way to get acclimated to rules and good habits

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Can you hijakc diaper Donald and just put pics of hunters dick and election fraud?

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If you don’t vote in GA for a republican, then you don’t support Trump.

Don’t fall victim to the deep state psyop! VOTE VOTE VOTE

The time to make a statement to the GOP is after Jan 21. All you’re doing before then is allowing yourself to be divided and conquered.

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Also evidence why men need to take back our schools and get involved in the educational system. Stop letting Karens pollute the minds of your kids. Join the pta and kill bad ideas at the source.

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They all did. Every one of them. Biden is violating it right now. AND invoking the office of the president. They’re all criminals.

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The left : “there’s no global conspiracy to implement a new world order “

Also the left : “it’s just coincidence that the same 10 technocrat billionaires own major stakes in every nwo focused company that shows up in every major corruption scandal if the last 30 years.

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Cheaper if they don’t let them sit around for 20 years on the row.

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Whether they mean to or not, They’re doing us a favor by elevating to the highest court in the land as quickly as possible. Any win in the lower courts would be appealed anyways. Once The SCOTUS ruling comes down, will trump anything decided in the lower courts. IF at that point their is still resistance and obstruction, well then there’s no turning back at that point.

Regardless of where you sit, the republic will never be the same after this election cycle.

This is the defining election of my lifetime.

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