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I don't know much about any of this stuff but this is definitely not the same capsule that is on the pad right now.

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Another phrase is “wumao,” which means “fifty cents.”

This phrase is commonly used as a description of the internet trolls that the CCP uses to spread propaganda online; the joke being that the trolls are paid 50 cents per post that they write.

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Trevor Noah and his shit show must be hemorrhaging money of this is actually his clip.

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LOL! What a stupid bitch. Tries to throw it out as a conspiracy theory, gets dick slapped, proceeds to say in a whiny voice, “yeah...I don’t know anything about this”. Hahahahahahah

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Also don’t forget that the birth certificate pdf provided on whitehouse.gov had something like 11 layers upon inspection: https://youtu.be/EgVIei87oFo

Here is the first archive of the document from whitehouse.gov if you’d like to check it yourself: https://web.archive.org/web/20110427171111/http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/rss_viewer/birth-certificate-long-form.pdf

It has also been mentioned that at the time this would have been produced the race would have been specified as “Negro” and not “African”. I have not independently verified this.

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I’ve told multiple people that:

a) Your health concerns do not, and will never, nullify my liberties.

b) If you have health concerns due to a weakened immune system or pre exiting health issue then you need to stay home, not me.

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This was enlightening to say the least. She even hit on...we should'nt believe allll women...

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Ashley was a moderator. You had to click on Victors name at the bottom and then select her on the drop down. There were 3 mods, Grace, Victor, Ashley.

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In chat, drop down the window and select Ashley Clark or someone other than Victor. Tell her that, "Hi, I'm receiving very anit-LGPTQ replys from Victor Shi in regards to my question about Trans rights."

edit 1: Guys...I told Ashley I think Victor was hacked and shes now looking into it!. Send her more things that Victor has been telling you!!!

edit 2: "Yeah...He said that Islam is right about gay people! Gay people are killed in Islamic countries though!!!"

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So you think they'll let people ask questions? I'm waiting to raise my hand and go full blown actor.

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Listening to this bitch is just laughable....she thinks Joe Biden is ahead

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^ this

Up until now, their argument has been that Shokin was corrupt and they were cleaning up corruption. This proves that they were aware of the fact that there was ZERO evidence of corruption or wrong doing. And were specifically told this by the President of Ukraine.

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The most interesting part for me is that the "Factchecker" flagging and remove all content by these two Doctors, named Flora Teoh, was born in mainland China.

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I take this to heart. I recently re-bought a stainless steel ratchet set and digital temperature sensor for grilling. The old ones worked fine but they were made in China so out...the...fuck...they...go.

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