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(EDIT: Thanks Doggos)

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Godaddy needs to be switched to a better registrar. Epik might be the best choice.

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I disagree on no monetization.

Do hats, shirts, mugs. Allow donations. I have other ideas but I won't speak of them publicly.

Avoid ads.

(and smoke meth like the real redtaboo)

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dude get off discord the ADL and SPLC work with the furry devs.

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What about meth? Sweet, sweet speed to smoke while banning republicans on reddit.

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At the reddit office's, I'm particular to Melissa Tidwell's farts. They just have so a delightful oily "green-bean" type of smell to them that is hard to describe. Steve's smell straight up of IPAs, which is to be expected. Mine are pretty hefty, though sadly lacking in odor.

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You hold it young man. Get back to reddit so I can ban you. Signed, RedTaboo, head of the Reddit Gestapo.

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They call me Susie, I have a meth need, Secret squirrels I see, because I'm on the speed.

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Quiet, racist! I, redtaboo, head of Trust and Safety on reddit, do curse you out in the name of bolshevism!