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Berkeley. Awesome. Except they'll eliminate geology, engineering, and pre-med in favor of keeping latinex transgender art theory and advanced cuckholdry submission theory

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Well, one person came, but she swallowed the evidence

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Finding the right expressions for each was fun

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Hey... inspiration hit...2 minutes on my phone. Shazam!

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You'll never get a repeal of AB5. This is the best way to do it as a workaround.

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Anyone have 4 pairs of cement shoes?

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Knucklehead, OP just used the image from the article.... that is not their photograph.... all they said was their kid went to that school and got that lesson.

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Thug and whore doing what thugs and whores do

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I have nothing to do with this product but I posted the link because I know people would ask me where they could get one

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I hate this elitist fuck.... but maybe he really does care about blacks and realizes Trump is their ally.

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I love Trump.

I hate cucked schools.

I love this figurine

But in my opinion, a large political figurine.... not something generically patriotic, but partisan...in the school parking lot, goes outside of reasonable personal expression. Where's the limit?

Rational rules go both ways here.

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