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We have credible allegations of Rapin Bill on the island with underage hookers yet still an MSM blackout

Basically, the MSM can just refuse to cover it and call anything they don't cover a conspiracy theory

and unless the DOJ pushes, that'll be the end of it

The truth of course is that the MSM has known all along. Their coverup is hardly new

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There comes a point in the MSM's activism when even the normies feel they hit the "me thinks they doth protest too much" line

Probably crossed it a long time ago

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We all knew this about Rapin Bill, were just waiting on the evidence

But can we please stop calling this gal a victim. She knew what the hell she was doing

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And they are proud of him. Even named their HQ for him. Big letters, right out front. What does that tell you?

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The FBI exists to protect The Club

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The president has this quality about him that forces everyone on the left farther left. I think it's because they hate him so much that it drives them to become as much of an opposite to him as they possibly can be. But by whatever mechanism it operates, it is real.

No one is ever going to believe a poll again after this year

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The left has thus gifted the election to President Trump

Had he taken the bait immediately, back around June 1, their ploy might have worked. By letting the leftists run wild in the streets for a couple of months, and letting America see them, now Americans will fully support him in restoring order.

It's a fatal miscalculation on their part, because they didn't need to do any of it. The president was very beatable in this election without any need for street riots. But their radical ideology drives them to do stupid shit, especially in election years. See Kavanaugh.

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I think there are going to be some surprising flips this year. Florida is always close, it could go against us. No matter, we will make it up elsewhere. Watch and see.

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The hubris to say this after their Russia hoax

The whole organization should be burnt to the ground

Pity the president hasn't seized on this moment in time to call to "defund the FBI"

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I went on a cross country road trip this month through 15 states (3 of which were blue in 2016 and 2 others that were blue in 2008) and saw zero Biden signs.

Until I came home to Mississippi where (of all places) I saw one.

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That's what happens when you donate nowadays. To pretty much anything. They keep asking. And asking.

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