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Island man connected to fatal stabbing arrested for giving 'finger' to crowd

The charge of disorderly conduct alleges Ames' action taunted the 30 to 40 people who were there by his obscene gesture.


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These Officers were documenting an OUI and did not know this man would rather die than get arrested and go back to Prison.

Watch the entire video....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=881N_PEE1EE&feature=youtu.be before it disappears

Young Cop Old Cop syndrome.. The officers spent way to much time with this man. The Young cop should have never let him move his car. When backup came they should have placed him in custody.

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This is the first time I have watched anything substantial she has said.

She is a very accomplished public speaker. I see why she got elected.

I love giving impromptu speeches and speak at public meetings on important things that are happening around me.

I do my research before and just have a legal pad with point listed on each point that needs to be spoken to. Then I just have to glance at the pad to speak to each point while paying attention to how the audience is receiving what I am saying.

If they are not buying it then I change it up and use what I know about the people that need persuading and speak to their weaknesses.

I am very good at this and have been asked to advocate for good people who are getting railroaded, do not have public speaking skills, and will lose something that is significant to them as they have no Idea how to speak persuasively at a public meeting.

That said AOC is a persuasive public speaker and will only become more so. It does not matter to her what she says as long as it is speaking to uniformed people who love to have someone talented speak to their disconnect in life.

If she is not defeated this time around she will spend the rest of her life in congress.

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I sincerely hope their worst fears come true.....

I was 29 in 1993 and taking a Business Communication course. The Professor was a nice Lesbian looking woman who was not a radical leftist at the time. But, She was left leaning.

When she said in one of her lectures that "We must be Political Correct" I said "hold on lets explore that thought" (I was 29 not 19) and in the ensuing discussion She agreed that political correctness would take us down the rabbit hole to accepting anything.

Here we are many years later with drag queen story hours, twerking children and media labeling everyone's President racist...

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Gotta Love Shelby Foote!!!!

However, flushing paper towels is going to make plumbers very rich...

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Nice Meme.

Question though.

How does one access the media upload when posting here? media.thedonald.win

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I was hanging out at the bar at Trump International last spring. This waiter is from the Congo. He speaks 4 languages. He told me he had met Joe Biden and thought he was a really nice man. Interesting to hear a first hand perspective. Did not sway me at all.

The appetizer is Smoky Bacon. When you order a drink you receive a bottle of soda that is opened in front of you.

The bar does not have a wonder bar soda system.

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That is all well and good.

However, I cannot directly upload pictures and memes here. I have to learn a new skill to use a outside site to get my support ac crossed

Clicking on the links to outside sites leads to the worst the Internet has to offer..

Thanks for all you have done here. I am unwilling to risk clicking on something that may very well be an attack on myself and everything I encompass.

Kinda like being Impeached....

Maybe open up THE_DONALD and lets burn it to the ground.

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Lets take the high road when available.

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Heading there today.

I will give a full report later.

Sorry nothing to report as they were closed yesterday and today.

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I joined thedonald at reddit because of the quarantine .

It appears that the donald was accused brigading.

Please, explain what a brigade is, how it is accomplished, and what is the intended effect.

Asking for a friend..

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Ann points out that M Avenati fits right in here.

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Yes. Yes. Yes.

I consider his actions an act of terrorism.

Attending a political event should not end in being murdered. Or, a Baseball game..

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In the coming months leading up to the election.

If you are supporting the President or any Conservative.

Please be on the lookout. Eric Clanton is out there and will think nothing of smashing any of us in the head with a deadly object.

Stay aware.

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I have never heard Obama say he loves Americans or anything to do with Americans.

Donald Trump.

Excuse me I made a mistake just then. What I meant to say is:

President Donald John Trump Loves:

All Americans.

Our Flag.

All Persons who enter out country Legally with the best of intentions and are not a financial burden.

In my 56 years on this planet I have not heard any politician explain repeatedly how much he loves doing our business for us..

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Always bring a fire extinguisher.

Hose these people down with bacon soda.

Or CO2..

The woman was erupting in flames and needed to be put out.

One blast in the face turns things around.

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