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Still no such thing as black privilege?

It's actually appalling how many handouts, scholarships, and lower of standards the black community gets. It's destroying professional environments. It's actually scary I have to question the ability of my doctor in 10 years, because the color of their skin gave them bonus points to counteract losing points for actual testing ability.

They still can't stop murdering each other in drug and gang related crimes. They still can't break away from the rap culture of fuck the police, fuck whitey, fuckin' bitches and getting mine. Slinging crack, I mean the black community worships Beyonce and Jay-Z...career criminals?

Why? Because the left has them on the modern plantation of social welfare. Here's your free shit, just remember, vote for me!

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But but but some leftist in /r/ShariaBlueHumor just told me that the silent majority is dead and America is a centrist nation. I can't even imagine saying something so retarded, and then championing the party that has four Muslims who are actively trying to destroy America.

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Media translation:

President Trump is losing military support

Hard to believe people actually think this. President Trump is outing the traitors and exposing all the war hawks at record breaking pace. I'm glad he's exposing these dipshits and then looking right back over to the GOP and proving to them they are infiltrated. Nearly half the deep state damage is coming from cuckservatives.

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Why are you splicing my quote to make zero sense?

I'd list it on a site as well just to avoid being attacked by the foaming at the mouth media that this is a breeding ground for racism.

All I'm saying is that I'm glad it's listed under the reporting system so we can't be called a breeding ground of racism.

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Deport button for No Racism.

It's one thing to have it listed, it's another to actually exercise it. I sure hope we aren't banning people for saying racist things. I'd list it on a site as well just to avoid being attacked by the foaming at the mouth media that this is a breeding ground for racism.

As much as we laugh at that dumb shit, it really hurts to bring new eyes to the site. People are deathly afraid of being called racist, and that's exactly why the media does the shit they do.

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It's exactly what these retarded leftists are going to do. It's all political games.

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Social media conditioning is very important to spot and call out too. Instagram and Facebook were absolutely awful during the 'blackout tuesday' bullshit. I saw numerous people be attacked all day because they were posting content and actively using social media, but they didn't put anything in support of BLM or post a black square with dark colored emojis. It's embarrassing, and unfortunately suburban house wives are some of the worst offenders into this bullshit because they're all on Instagram all day following 29 different influencers.

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This is what it's actually like to converse with the majority of leftists right now. The amount of white guilt is insane. Social media has clearly been compromised into hardcore social conditioning. Hollywood has always been shit, but recently I've been watching a ton of movies from the 70s to the mid 2000s, and right around 2005/2006 halfway into the 2nd term of GWB things go south quickly. Hollywood flipped a social conditioning switch and leftist-Marxist ideology suffocated everything it touched.

TV shows are actually hit the worst. Most are quite literally unwatchable now on the networks. When I sit through a pilot of Texas first responders and the main characters son is gay, has a black boyfriend, and has trans co-workers in his firehouse, and a group of Hispanic characters that are facing deportation and discrimination from all the 'evil white right-wingers.' It's ridiculous. It's eye opening when you go back and rewatch network shows from even 2003, that are so incredibly different compared to now. Every show is a scripted cast that involves the LGBTQZYA1235 community, and the 'minority' communities as well. I mean, historical period pieces are being adapted and turning everything into these diverse and completely inaccurate queer fests. The people who consistently claim they are going to be on the right side of history, are actively blurring the lines and trying to destroy actual history and rewire peoples remembering of the past. It's disturbing.

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Well I’m kind of tired of dictating policy based on what our enemies are going to say about us. It’s not like they aren’t already calling him a dictator. The rioters should be smashed. End of discussion.

This has been a talking point on Tucker Carlson for years, as well as here on The Donald. I'm glad this is starting to pick up steam in the old cuckian guard of "muh morals we don't stoop to their level" party.

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NASCAR is exactly like the lamestream media. They dominate because they're the largest oval racing sanctioning body in the US. While they continue to their long, and slow slide into the abyss...there are plenty of other options to watch for racing entertainment. Especially at all of your local dirt tracks.

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You're either a troll or an undercover Democrat gun-grabber

I don't get why this is always a go-to attack when someone who isn't an extreme libertarian raises a topic of debate on this domain or the older subreddit. We can both disagree on topics and still support the President, once again, this isn't a fucking all or nothing political debate. I don't need to be 100% on your side to be with you, that level of toxicity is why politics is so utterly fucked post-Eisenhower.

I just don't agree with the idea that we should allow mentally ill or mentally retarded people to own and operate a firearm because if we didn't it would 'violate' the 2nd Amendment. That's a stupid hill to die on, and it's exactly why leftists consistently make fun of strict 2A constitutionalists. You're willing to let the most unqualified gun owners in the entire country, own a firearm because you're afraid of a fictionalized scenario of your guns being taken away from you.

When police officers, and state officials, are running around and seizing peoples firearms that aren't mentally ill, then I'll share your passion towards this issue. But, they aren't and they never will in America. You're spouting GOP talking point after talking point which they use every single election cycle to get elected. I do not support the modern day GOP, they're swamp and controlled opposition. I will vote for candidates that support President Trump, not ones like Senator Braun from dick fuck Indiana.

Either way my words aren't making it through

They're never going to make it through, because a mentally ill and retarded liberal trans queer should never own a firearm, and is exactly the scenario on why red flag laws exist. You're not going to change my mind on that, because that piece of shit should've never owned a firearm in the first place and been allowed to murder someone over road rage.

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The fact you can't grasp my simple reasoning means you must be clinically retarded.

I thought we were talking about being mentally ill, not mentally retarded? Interesting. Either case, I would definitely not someone who is mentally retarded to own a firearm either. Perfect case study for that is the entire African continent.

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No you obviously don't.

Oh look, there's that take it or leave it again.

You can't even see your hypocrisy.

I, as an average citizen in the US, have no power to change this law. I'm weaponizing their bullshit laws against them. I can either sit back and watch the red flag laws take away people who have the right to be armed, or I can sit here and troll the absolute fuck out of any leftist trying to buy a gun with any statement they've made in the last 15 years about wanting to kill someone. Saying, "don't stoop to their level," is about as fucking stupid as it comes. If we don't stoop to their level, then the only people who are going to be flagged are people who publicly express being right of center. The only way to get this law overturned, is to weaponize it against the individuals who enacted it and support it.

The most embarrassing part about this discourse, is that you've served up a Ben Shaprio level of retarded straw-man that everyone who downvoted you immediately recognized. You've equated my willingness to red flag leftists to a fictional calling of 'canceling Jimmy Fallon' and an attack on the first amendment.

When the line of mental illness is blurred so badly that having a bad day is "depression" and getting excited about something is "bi-polar". Even kids being kids with kid-energy is "ADHD". Wait till someone calls being a conservative a mental illness and tries to take your gun.

I'm not sorry that I believe certified mentally ill people should not be allowed to carry firearms. I can't support it, when you allow mentally ill people to have firearms you get the mass shootings that the leftists media loves to blame on the gun, which then pours more fuel to the fire on strict gun-control. The vast majority of gun owners are not going to, nor do they actually, oppose a background checks for owning a firearm that prove you're not a piece of shit criminal, and you're not a mentally ill person. It's literally no different than getting a background check before being hired for a job. When we dip into background checks to buy ammo, and bullshit waiting periods before you receive your firearm, and the strict banning of certain firearms, yes I can agree that's a problem and an attack on our Second Amendment.

But to adamantly stand with mentally ill people owning firearms, is like saying you want the First Amendment to allow you to be able to scream fire to purposely cause havoc in public places.

It's hilarious, right after posting I see a new example of exactly what I'm talking about.

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There is nothing more pathetic than leftists screaming at the top of their lungs for you to be banned, and to go create your own platform. Then, magically, once you have your own platform they follow you over to once again attack you and then deliberately concern troll to cherry pick talking points on how evil T_D users are.

Don't even get me started on the DDoS'ing.

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You either believe in it or you don't.

Oh, I believe in it. I've already acknowledged that the red-flag law in it's current form is ridiculously overreaching and fucks over anyone who owns a firearm rightfully. I just don't believe in mentally ill individuals owning firearms.

That take it or all bullshit libertarian argument may work on a lot of others on this site—which that's fine, you are entitled to your own opinion—but I'm not buying into that or supporting that. I know way too many people who are mentally unstable who have expressed wanting to buy a firearm and I'd rather not see them murder someone because they called them Sir instead of Ma'am.

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Red flag laws are absolutely bullshit and unconstitutional, but if they're gonna be enacted I'm going to weaponize the fuck out of it on leftists. I will red flag any liberal-transgender-mentally ill person posing with a firearm on social media for a picture like this.

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It's so much worse too.

Imagine not winning the race, running out of fuel, walking to the stands and stealing the show from your own best friend winning while he is trying to celebrate. Talk about fucking pathetic. The lefty NASCAR fanbase is doubling down on their retardation too.

I was having a bad day, but it instantly turned into belly laughs over this shit. Every time it's always a hoax.

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That is exactly what the sport has turned into. It's exactly why over 9 million people have stopped watching NASCAR. I know a lot of people are upset over this, but in honest to god hindsight, this entire thing is probably the final nail in the coffin to the sanctioning body. Just pull up TV ratings from 2000 to 2020 and compare them across the same tracks. Numbers are absolutely horrendous. It's a loser racing product. There's tons of sanctioning bodies of oval racing across the country, and NASCAR isn't the only one. It's just the biggest, and it's dying. They're panicking.

Dirt oval racing is sky rocketing in fan engagement, and driver talent. Shorter races, more action, and a lot of more affordable for a fan to make it to a show.

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It's actually amazing how much cognitive dissonance leftist portray on a daily basis. Thousands of people across every large democrat shithole in this country have been swarming the streets and marching about a faux reecust policing, but today a rally for the President is a #CoronavirusRally.

I mean, how far do you actually have to be disconnected from your brain and reality to not understand how stupid you sound pushing that when you agree with people marching in the streets, violently attacking storefronts and people. Nearly 4 years of mental gymnastics has lefties at a peak form of retardation.

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Because sadly, it is. Leftist do not believe in patriotism anymore; it's an embarrassing look for our country. You get made fun of for sporting the flag and respecting the country. Get treated like you're some kind of genocidal "nationalist," by the lefties.

Hur dur, fuckin Trumptards and their love of this country

The left is just a violent societal cancer that I'm really not sure this country is going to cut out. Young adults are being sucked into leftism at alarming rates because of how awful public schooling institutions have become. Not trying to support a defeatist attitude, but we're fighting to hold on for maybe another 8 years.

There's no way this country swings back to even a politically moderate stance without some extreme help. Whether that be violent internal conflicts, or people starving to death when the leftist have killed the entire country.

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They're not going to vote for Trump no matter how much conservatives pander.

You're right, they aren't. The black vote will never vote majority right leaning; they're too far ingrained into the social welfare that the left promotes. Anyone who thinks the black vote can be flipped is a complete fucking moron.

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Poor handling of the Covid-19 situation, but to be fair hes done a good job with the hand he was dealt. He bent the knee and buckled down on fake projections and let the governors run the show. I get it, he's giving them rope to hang themselves but with the shit that went on in Michigan it's hard not to look around and ask where the hell was the President. Now today, his entire police reform campaign that doesn't even need to happen. It's pandering, and it's full on election year bullshit.

Americans believe we must support the brave men and women in blue who police our streets and keep us safe. Americans also believe we must improve accountability, increase transparency and invest more resources in police training

If only this much effort was put into actually important matters to improve transparency and accountability for all the quasi-treason shit this administration has had to deal with from the get go. Or focusing on the amount of corruption in congress.

It all comes down to Trump chasing voters who are never going to vote for him, and we can thank his stupid fucking son-in-law for this. Now I'm not saying I'm not voting for the man, or that many of us are going to jump ship—that's impossible with how high his party support has been—but he's losing his law and order face that got him elected.

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