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Cocaine Mitch is going to drive this through without any delay

Grassley is on board too

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They can be recalled but that won't happen

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She's getting drilled tonight. Light her up for freedom, brother

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ISIS was eliminated, Mattis started playing games--he got the axe

Sessions was one of the first Senators to come out in support--he couldn't deliver, he got the axe

GEOTUS is ruthless, but fair

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We're getting Bryer (he'll retire) and Thomas will happily retire

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Ron Paul was the first person I truly loved voting for... I even put up a yard sign

Next came GEOTUS--I threw a party after voting for him

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I manage Shipping and Receiving for a laboratory

I just walk into the local grocery store and say "poops, forgot my mask!"

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I can't even explain, dude

These people live in an alternate reality. Just trying to watch TV or listen to local radio stations, it's all misled and fake information

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Better make sure it's illuminated at night or take it down at dawn!

Home Depot has some pretty sweet solar lights. I think mine was $30 and it has a decent LED

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I moved to Northern California recently

It's 5x the salary and I'm sending all my money back home to buy more guns

I saw a lady riding with a face shield, gloves, mask, and what appeared to be a medical apron? She even had coverings over her back windows

The people watching here is AMAZING

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He was a good joggin boi who waz just on his way to church before he decided to try and kill two POLEEECE officers

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We're locked, cocked, and ready to rock

The Silent Majority is getting a little bit restless lately

Keep calm and pass the ammo

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