readysetgo [S] 5 points ago

i like trump but this is fucking shit. this is stealing your money through smoke and mirrors. this should be insulting your intelligence. youre going to get 1200usd then lose 10k or more, while the market won't even be fixed. its called a scam, but its a nationwide scam.

you can keep on your "everything trump great" hat, but this time he fucked up and he fucked up very hard. does not even matter whos elected in 2020. weve been fucked. people picked up guns for less in the past.

down vote away. hide things just like your beloved democrats. reality is too scary for most.

readysetgo [S] 5 points ago

as an immigrant, my itin is my ssn, gotcha bitch. just enter legally, through hardwork.


also i dont qualify anyway, i make too much lol.

readysetgo [S] 1 point ago

correct. most sf people ask for more. cucked til death.

readysetgo [S] 2 points ago

itd be fun to pick guns up and go protest with a 6 ft distance that is well respected. imagine how thatd look lol

readysetgo [S] 6 points ago

so at which point do we decide people dying because of lunatics and their political ego is no longer ok and physically remove them? how many more have to die?

readysetgo [S] 3 points ago

yea many friends lost their job and wont be able to pay their bills in about 5 weeks. seems unlikely they get hired by then.. so what to do. bankruptcy? get guns and walk to the city hall? its fucked up

readysetgo [S] 2 points ago

shake their hand for me/us. or elbow if youre into that these days hehe

readysetgo [S] 1 point ago

i left sf and ca. i now have locally grown food, many guns and the people are amazingly nice. its not even remotely comparable.

unless you require being in nyc or love city life, as long as you're not sick at all then get the fuck out.

i plan to use the 2nd with everyone here as necessary, something you cant do in nyc or sf (no gun and itd be a bad idea anyway there imo)

readysetgo [S] 3 points ago

socialized hc is the most expensive thing in these countries. and it's not even good quality...

id know, im from one of them. my 'merican hc isnt perfect by a very lomg shot but its way better as long as ive insurance. figure!

readysetgo [S] 3 points ago

thats fake news. you shouldnt buy Chinese products because their govt spread the virus and lied about everything. not because the products "have the virus".

dont get me wrong i understand the incentive, i just dont wanna be using the democrat tactics we call out as terrible

readysetgo [S] 3 points ago

reading this if not fake then your brother is an idiot and thats not because of his political beliefs. and by idiot i mean dumb, a simpleton. sorry.

readysetgo [S] 2 points ago

ive not sold and wont, makes no sense right now anyway..... unless you got laid off and you have no other money. which is why people sell usually.

readysetgo [S] 7 points ago

ive enough already.

and its way worse in europe where they get arrested for walking alone outside right now..

readysetgo [S] 4 points ago

its the little things like this that are good :p

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