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Or guerrillas. They might think some countries use apes as soldiers.

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You had respect for Hasan "America Deserved 9/11" Piker of The Young Turks and e-thots like Pokimane who prey on lonely boys?

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Did you see Rudy on Levin? Rudy mentioned that when the repair guy handed over the hard drive to the FBI, he told the FBI agent that he was worried about his safety because the Bidens are powerful people, and asked what the FBI would do to protect him. The agent replied that nothing would happen to him as long as he remained silent, and the repair guy rightfully took that as threat. After the meeting, he made several more copies and gave them to friends in case he was killed.

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The 2017 Women’s March was supposed to be a victory celebration for Clinton. When Trump won, they changed their planned astroturfed event into a protest.

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When they say they’re outraged over not being able to serve in the military, they’re outraged over not getting free surgery paid for by the taxpayer. Typical trans “solider” enlists, gets surgery as soon as they get medical benefits, spends a year (or more) recovering, and then finally a medical discharge. They never had any intention to serve our country.

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Yah. If you’re a republican who works for one of those companies and you donate and your colleagues find out you will be fired. Way more than 5-10% of those companies are conservative, but they’re forced to be silent.

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Communism and fascism are two competing types of socialism. There’s only one real difference between the two ideologies: how they plan to take over the world.

Fascism, also known as national socialism, initially focuses all of its efforts on one country, and once total control is established, tries to take over the world militarily.

Communism, also known as international socialism, believes that after the poor workers in other countries see the success of socialism, they will spontaneously revolt turning their counties socialist. These revolutions will eventually occur in every country, and since socialists (in theory) are all allies, then a one world government will be established. Once it became clear that these revolutions were never going to happen, Stalin declared that the USSR would be practicing “socialism in one country” (aka fascism) instead.

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I feel that in the past we were getting Asian immigrants who were fleeing Communism in their home countries. Those people either voted Republican or could easily be convinced to. Nowadays though, it feels like most of the immigrants are CCP Party Members who will always vote for communism.

Also, second generation and beyond are just as cucked as Whites. Only difference is instead of White Guilt they feel like they constantly have to prove that they are "oppressed POC".

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And without manufacturing or tech, we would have no economy at all. How can you afford to consume services if you don’t produce anything? Do you really think the Chinese factory owner or Indian software CEO will choose to eat at American restaurants, bank with American banks, use American lawyers, or any of the other “services” our “new economy” is supposed to consist of? They will just get all of their “services” in their home countries as it is way more convenient for them.

This isn’t speculation. Look at Europe. They sold out most of their manufacturing industry years ago and never developed a tech industry, and they’ve been on a slow decline ever since.

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A 9NEWS producer and a 9NEWS contractor were taken into custody. DPD has since said that one of the two people taken into custody was not involved in the incident but was a person of interest at the time. The 9NEWS producer is no longer in police custody and is not a suspect. A private security guard who was hired by 9NEWS is the suspect detained by DPD.

The corrupt Denver Police Department is claiming that the shooter wasn't affiliated with Antifa. I don't believe them, they care more about protecting the narrative than protecting their citizens.

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Roughly equal time

Harris gets 2+ minutes for a response Pence gets 15 seconds.


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Is it just me or does Harris get more time?

Vice President.

Vice President.

Vice President.

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Best part is the kid’s mom is a legal Honduran immigrant. I would have loved to have seen the NPC blue screen that occurred when she brought that up.

Kusander [the mom] pointed out that she emigrated to the United States from Honduras. Stanton [the teacher] told her, “So you would understand.” Not quite. She went on to explain why she’s against illegal immigration, despite Stanton assuming she’d agree with him.

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Only because we didn’t do Patton’s plan to keep pushing east to Moscow and MacArthur’s plan to nuke China after their communist revolution.

Our best and brightest generals knew the threat communism posed, but they were ignored or relived of command.

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The real “protective pool”, otherwise known as the Secret Service, was there.

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All campaign donations are public record, and you’re forced to say who your employer is. So if you work for a leftist company, get a friend to buy it for you or buy a knockoff.

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Being the first to legalize weed was a colossal mistake. Congratulations libertarians, you gained one freedom and all it cost was every other one.

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If they mute his mic, he should just walk over and use Biden's mic instead.

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Don't worry. L. Lin Wood has a new lawsuit pending and Kyle just got hundreds of thousands of dollars richer.

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