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It's almost as if the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

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It’s like they hate America now that’s the cool thing.

Yes! You’re exactly right. They’ve hated America for much longer but it wasn’t so blaring before. Welcome aboard the Trump train, fren.

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Such is the leftist playbook:

  1. Point out something as a problem
  2. Create a "solution" that involves endless government spending, consolidates power in their hands, and creates a bigger problem
  3. Use the problem they created as justification for another "solution" and blame the right
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Lol.. Similar to the shift to "Wuhan Virus" being suddenly racist... I felt like I watched that morph in real time and it was bizarre.

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Yep. It's near impossible to work with people who will literally never argue in good faith about anything and whose goal is the destruction of your society.

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These demands are completely untenable, unreasonable, and would destroy the economy, and the possibly even the nation’s spirit to boot. They’re only based on hysterical fear, and has no basis in reality whatsoever. Let the adult handle the crisis, please.

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I’ve noticed that many times. Someone who I thought otherwise was a good person will let their inner authoritarian slip and it shatters the illusion so I’ll never see them the same way again.

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Yep, I remember seeing in some thread that there were daily flights to that area from none other than Wuhan.

The fear mongering seems to be based on incomplete data and circular logic.

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Totally agree. This has "Deep State running a Hail Mary with the clock running out" written all over it.

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Yep. A distinction without a practical difference.

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As an engineer who understands how statistics and "models" such as that work:


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I got a crowler from them tonight and drank it as a bonus FU to the dumbasses on FB.

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I'm not really a "musical" guy overall, but I love 1776. A very talented friend of mine played Abigail Adams in a local production for a couple of years.

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I see many on local news posts on FB here in KS as well.. I saw one person berating a local brewery for being open at all. How dare they try to make money and look out for their own survival! How absolutely dare they!

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I agree with you, but that can be a tough sell for someone who unironically thinks the idea of “equal state representation” is an outdated relic (one facet of that being people who want to move to a national popular vote for President, which would further erode the foundation that was begun with the 17th amendment). Some people think California and NY should run the entire country because they have more people... Or conversely, they think Wyoming and Alaska should have no say because they’re sparsely populated. I reserve the deeper argument for those cases.

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My office had someone who "might have" had it, but they couldn't get the test. So they shut the entire office down, sent everyone to work from home, and are cleaning the crap out of it.

All for someone who might have it...

This hysteria makes me a hypochondriac every time my nose is so much as plugged up, and I bet I'm not the only one. Probably explains a lot of the "90% of people who take the test don't have it"

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Lmao. I think we have a winner

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