pray_for_kekistan 1 point ago

Oh now they want him leave poor, helpless, valuable, super ally, Ukraine die. Fuck these scum.

pray_for_kekistan 7 points ago

I feel like the camera is about to pan out and he’s about to start throwing traitors off of Washington’s head.

pray_for_kekistan [M] 2 points ago

PM me on Discord and mention this post. We vet people all the time.

pray_for_kekistan 11 points ago

Now I’m dead too. This noose has claimed yet another victim.

pray_for_kekistan 1 point ago

I hope he falls down a large set of stairs and snaps his fucking neck and shits himself

pray_for_kekistan 6 points ago

I can tell this guy is one of the good ones. Sincere. Caring. Tough.

pray_for_kekistan 2 points ago

yes but not directly linked from the notification section yet. You'll see it's there but will have to manually go to the other .win

pray_for_kekistan 44 points ago

Exactly. Convicted by...

an international tribunal in The Hague in the Netherlands.

No thanks. I've seen enough of the "international community" and how they've done GEOTUS to never listen again. Fuck them all forever.

pray_for_kekistan [M] 4 points ago

The plan for the future is to re-elect President Donald J Trump and continue to celebrate and support him through his second term.

Everything that’s happened with .win has been born out of necessity to achieve that goal / mission.

If other communities need a place to do their thing, we happen to be situated in a position to help, so we will as we are able.

The Donald will never cuck. Never sell out. Never lose its identity. The centipedes just slayed Goliath and cemented The Domreddit moniker in the history books. Learn how to take a win as a win.

pray_for_kekistan 2 points ago

That’s crazy to me. If don jr. Is building the wall, deporting illegals, bringing back jobs to America...shutting down MAGA and opening the door for the old faggotry or new commies to take over would be dumb af

pray_for_kekistan 3 points ago

put the name into the "toggle block" box and it should remove it for that user

pray_for_kekistan 2 points ago

go to settings

"manage your blocked users" is an option at the bottom

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