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This made me turn against her. I was a huge Noem fan but no refugees have please

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I said Caesar wasn’t perfect. Moral standards then were different then now. You don’t think Pompey and others did fucked up shit too?

And I really don’t give a shit if Caesar was breaking the “law” set in place by Roman bureaucrats. He did what was necessary.

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Pompey and the senate were corrupt pieces of shit. Caesar did nothing wrong. Was he perfect? No but he was in the right.

It was the COMMONERS who carried Caesars body in the streets and killed/chased the swamp rat fucks out of town. Caesar had the backing of the soldiers, small business owners, slaves and working class.

Trump will join Caesar as one of the best men to ever live. Taking down swamp rats and slaying grade A pussy.

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I would upvote this 1000000000 times if I could. In honor of the amount of rounds I would shoot into commies and deep state traitors.

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Nah fuck this fake noise.

Trump needs to cross the Rubicon and enact the Insurrection act

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I want them massacred like Genghis Khan did to the Persians.

Melt their gold and silver snd pour it down their throats.

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They are RINO’s who just want Trump and his base to go away. The uni party is real. The only solution is revolution. Once we secure elections again every rino needs to be primaried into oblivion.

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This is happening in WA. We are doing it at my Brewery. Working with some other businesses and getting ready to cross the Rubicon

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Pedes as a small business owner I beg with you to help us. Buy our products and use our services.

If I can get the others on board I am planning on doing the same if necessary at my brewery.

Also want to make “Come and Take it” shirts with a beer mug on it.

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We need armed patriots there to shoot the sheriffs who enforced it.

Edit: for you fags downvoting this. How much further will you let this go on? Shooting sheriffs like this will do more to end this then anything else. Period.

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Their beer sucks though. Mine is way better.

Lots of breweries like Sam Adams wouldn’t be big of they started out now. They just were ahead of the game.

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Getting laid isn’t hard for me so I don’t give a shit.

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When all this bullshit is resolved I'm gonna open a brewery based on the founding fathers. Adams, Washington, Jefferson etc. were homebrewers.

I am gonna make craft beer great again and take it back from the commie fags that currently dominate the industry.

I know many patriots would love a based brewery. 2 stouts deep right now and I love Trump and this country more the beer even.

When we vanquish the commies I'm bringing the kegs to the party and we're getting our BAC levels to a very patriotic .01776. I'll be more hammered then Nancy Pelosi.

We won't surrender this country or it's people to the false song of globalism.

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Every leftist I know back down when you confront them.

I tell the lockdown supporters that they are racists who believe in the starvation of 3rd world people due to disruptions in the supply chain that they support.

Literally was on a date with this chick and she said the latino Trump supporters were white washed racists. I told her that sorry I don’t date dumb ignorant racist freaks like her. Holy shit it her brain crashed harder then windows vista. She literally said nothing and I just walked to the waiter paid my bill and left.

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A Michigan pede needs to offer this woman a job. We can’t leave our Patriots out to dry.

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Why not both, I just want medieval style executions.

Not electric chair, lethal injection or firing squad.

I want full on torture and gore.

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I prefer putting these people on crosses because I don’t just want to kill them but watch them suffer and deliver an utter moral crushing defeat.

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