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I have a MAGA designed shirt in this game. Nice.

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true story, and concur. Nothing like being out in the AM and not feeling like you're gonna get shanked. Hopefully that doesnt change as this city keeps growing at a ridiculous pace.

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Nah. I mean just like any Big City you have your slew of cucks, but overall it's not horrible. Get to the outer parts of Nashville(Davidson County) and it's good folk. I live in Williamson County TN and its super based.

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I'm about 15 miles south of Nashville, we just had strong storms. No one really thinks of us as a tornado target, but we get a crap-ton in this state every year. Prayers for those affected, it's really devastating and a shock to the community. Great to see that our proud Nashville tradition, politics aside, of coming together during tragedies continues.

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This is really getting ridiculous...all of the obvious silencing of "free think"

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Any legit new updates? I know 4chan/pol weaponized autists found the guy(hopefully), but is this something that is just going to disappear in a few days? I for one hope not. Whether he was LARP'ing or not, he is clearly mental and a danger to somebody.

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Nashville, TN march 2017. Froze my ass off with some buddies for 6 hours and just got into the nosebleeds to see our POTUS. Wonderful energy that can't be described.

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give this patriot a brick for telling us this!

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rookie upvote numbers guys, get on it!

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feels good man

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Agreed. Let's find some type of compensation we can give to help keep this site kicking. Whether its monetary, technologically, etc, other. We got this.