phocas 1 point ago

My wife has TDS. We just don't talk about things much. It's actually peaceful and lonely at the same time.

phocas 10 points ago

Anyone who is dumb enough to willingly step in front of a senior driver is roadkill.

phocas 2 points ago

Spose they will give us back our free speech since being violent against police is cool now.

phocas 2 points ago

Haha, could are the don was a good way to reach people until they concentration called us cause their ideas couldn't compete. So, this new home is just as good if not better.

The president really needs to crack down on the tech censorship.

phocas 3 points ago

Correct, they are nasty hombres. Can't trust a committee further then you can throw them.

phocas 5 points ago

Why am I being fired? Because you're not developed enough to work at chili's.