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He did come out and say that this was a lie he told so that healthcare workers and first responders (infrastructure) could get masks before there is a run on masks - causing a worst shortage.

“We were concerned the public health community, and many people were saying this, were concerned that it was at a time when personal protective equipment, including the N95 masks and the surgical masks, were in very short supply,” Fauci told The Street. "We wanted to make sure the people, namely, the healthcare workers, who were brave enough to put themselves in harm's way to take care of people who you know were infected with coronavirus, and the danger of them getting infected. We did not want them to be without the equipment they needed."

The NIAID director again reiterated that masks are not 100 percent effective, but “they certainly are better than not wearing a mask.”

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The media: "Drumph is over-reacting to the virus and masks aren't helpful." to "Drumph, why are we not testing more!?!?" Also "Fauci is the sexiest man alive!"

Also the media: "Coronavirus cases keep rising in Drumph's America. His administration's response was not good enough to slow the spread, Fauci is a failure."

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I mean, Piglosi isn't wrong about the underlying base of her opinion. If a community doesn't want something, then they should vote. The representatives should hold a vote amoungst themselves based on their constituents' consensus.

She is wrong that people should be doing it - it's possible in a situation like that that a minority could be forcing their will on the majority. And it seems that that is likely the case here.

If this was done appropriately, then I don't think it would even be an issue. But it's not being done properly and the police are not, in every case, protecting public property that hasn't been properly voted on.

I personally would be voting to keep our statues. And I hope many in my community would too - but i understand that local demographics with respect to political ideology can change, and so my recourse to that would be to relocate to a like minded community that has a political ideology that matches my own, so that I can live happy.

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I mean, they say for some folks, it hits harder than others. If you have had the cold recently, perhaps the novel corona virus doesn't hit as hard because of the anti-bodies?

There isn't enough data available.

The democrats are certainly "never letting a crisis go to waste."

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Be aware that douchebag Drudge sold his site several years ago.

That's never been confirmed.

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Drudge plastered his website with the noose story, now doesn't plaster the website with the fact that it was fake.

All media is manipulated.

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So now you have changed your formula - you now are asking the question with the caveat that the employer knew of the history of this tranny raping people in bathrooms?

Your original question mentioned no past history, known, or not known by the employer, of the tranny having this type of behavior.

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The same exact thing that would happen if a man rapes a women in the women's bathroom and sues you for hiring the man.

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Anyway, I'm tired of the debates on different classes of humans. LGBT? Race? It shouldn't matter! We are Americans!

I agree with your analysis. I'm tired of our side putting people in buckets. There is 1 bucket. Complaining about how someone uses their freedom is as dumb as the left complaining about not having magazine limits.

Regardless of if the American identifies as a female, but is scientifically a male, the should not be fired simply because they have a potential mental illness with regard to their parts and feelings, or are confused about their sex and how it relates to their gender and their parts. Are they getting the job done to the standards you set as an employer? Are they meshing with the team?

In America, you can be free. Free to think you are a female, when you are in-fact a male. And you shouldn't be fired for being a free American.

Now, with that said - if a potential employee won't be a good fit for your open position, then that's the only reason you need to give. As an employer, you should not be forced to hire someone.

I disagree with the LGBT movement's politics. But they are Americans and should be free humans like all of us should be.

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Russia tried that in the 70's and 80's and got their ass handed to them repeatedly.

Russia will never stop trying to spreading their influence in the region.

Washington, D.C., Hollywood, the MSM, and the Universities, are a spring-board for Anti-American activities.

Unrelated to my comment.

Bullshit. The only reason to be in the region is so the CIA can continue to fund itself via the opium trade.

"tHe OnLy ReAsOn"

Yeah ok.

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I think is that the picture is bigger.

If we leave the middle east - Russia takes over as the influencer in that rich region. The region also becomes a spring board for Anti-American activities.

If we want to continue the power of the American brand, then we must be in the region.

I don't like that we are still in the middle east. But I understand why we must be.

There are three players in the world - USA, Russia, China. In order to continue keeping America the prominent brand in the world, we must play these long games against Russia and China.

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People who are not plugged into the pol-meme-dom even know about and are blaming George Soros. Normal fucking people!

It's starting to get to the normies.

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The lesson learned from the 2008 Financial Crisis was that if you can manage to allow things to get too big to fail, the fed won't let it fail when it should.

The FED must let things fail - keep the markets efficient and stop manipulating it. Let risk actually mean risk.

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Obama and his congress sells off some of our reserves to fund the governent.

The U.S. Department of Energy said on Tuesday it has suspended a sale of up to 12 million barrels of oil from the government’s emergency crude reserve due to the petroleum price drop. The sale had been mandated by a 2015 law to fund government programs.

President Trump will direct the Energy Department to buy oil for the nation’s strategic stockpile to boost prices and help the oil industry reeling after the market’s historic collapse this week.


Obama and his congress sell of reserves to fund government programs. US DOE suspends the sales as oil prices drop. Trump buys the cheap oil to stock up reserve again, to help oil prices hurting American companies (stock market).

Having reserves allows us to respond to price manipulation by Saudis. If they raise prices, we sell to counter. If they lower prices, we buy to counter.

One thing to note, the reserves were created in response to us being 100% dependent on importing oil.

We are no longer dependent on imported oil - we can produce our own.

The reserves are useless, except as a way to affect the oil market. And provide a bit of a check on the Saudis.

With all of that said, the virus and imminent slowing of the economy will make the demand for oil drop, pushing prices down more.

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Because I would have t_D open all day, i would poke around reddit from time to time.

Since I don't have t_D open anymore, I never poke around the circle jerk cesspool called Reddit.

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I'm not freaking out about the virus. But I do not want to run out of food and fuel due to everyone else freaking out. So now I have to go buy shit to ensure the crazies don't end up cleaning everything out.

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the_Donald has been fighting for our freedom, from tyranny, oppression and persecution.

the_donald is fighting for the right to exist.

And we will .win

And it will be known as one of the biggest 'fuck you' to the left's forcible suppression of their opposition in this free Republic.

the_Donald will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish without a fight. We're going to live on. We're going to Keep America Great.

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Democrats are fucking retarded. They want free shit, they want socialism. As soon as Trump wants to give you more money in your paycheck, by not TAKING any of it, they hate the idea of free shit.

If this isn't the best example of cognitive dissonance, then I don't know what is.

Fucking retarded, pathetic excuses, for conscious human beings.

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Good job mods! Thank for your work.

What host ended our service? I think it's important for us to know.

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Zero Hedge does fear monger a bit, but generally their content is pretty good. The writers there are very very pessimistic. So I keep that in mind when I read their content.

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