pbxbox 4 points ago

It’s going to be funny watching the leftist media line up to suck the dick of this mustachioed war pig.

pbxbox 3 points ago

I can actually smell this photo

pbxbox 20 points ago

He’s probably some kind of sub-masochist who gets his PP whacked with reeds by a Big Mike lookalike.

pbxbox 7 points ago

They are also willing to work long hours as post-grad lab techs for nearly nothing, which is another reason the universities love them.

pbxbox 4 points ago

He’s an expert in squandering aid while the people survive on dirt cookies and U.N. cheese.

pbxbox 2 points ago

Trump should invoke the defense production act on Twitter and shut it down to only allow official Covid-19 information and presidential shitposting.

pbxbox 2 points ago

A body that has been cremated does not have china-asshoe-flu

pbxbox 5 points ago

Welker’s jaw is so square she can probably take a few solid hits to the face.

pbxbox 12 points ago

That’s why they buried McCain with his ass sticking two feet out of the ground.....so Romney could stop by for a cold one.

pbxbox 9 points ago

He's jealous of the Trump train. Wants to buy in and can't.

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