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I think the real question is at what point has the MSM crossed the line into aiding and abetting a violent insurrection movement funded and directed by a foreign power as a means to subjugate and conquer without the risks of overt military force.

Demonizing Americans who protect themselves from assault by blm supporters via omission of important context may fall into that category.

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In Badnarikspeak, rights are derived from property. In the US we are supposed to own our own bodies which is why we have the right to protect it with deadly force if necessary when someone else wants to violate that right to life. In the structure of the Constitution the only next tier up in ownership above the individual is the Creator. Our government is a trust to preserve our rights, or was supposed to be when it was created.

In the UK the people are subjects of the Crown so their heirarchy of ownership of the body is individual > Crown > Creator. When you defend yourself with deadly force in the UK in a manner consistent with the law in the US, the death of that other individual is in fact killing the property of the State without permission and you'll be punished for it.

BLM gets so pissed about whites owning blacks two centuries ago. Native Britons should say Hold My Beer Lads

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The Magog tore up the Andromeda pretty severely with those! They even obsoleted the first season bridge set!

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Naming subwinlets after Donald Jr hahaha that's most excellent!

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I thought the new reddit design was to farm ad clicks. "Do you want to continue reading this thread?" yes you're only showing the first four comments of a thousand. "See more replies?" why do you only show the first reply to begin with? "Related threads suggested for you" seriously who has time for that I just spent 45 minutes unwrapping all of the comments in this one thread as if every single one was an STD stuck in a condom that was too tight.

Old reddit: read post, read comments, enjoy. Done.

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Definitely. You have no idea how much your devices are pinging back until you run a pihole DNS server. Example: if I open gasbuddy, it tries to access 115 different domains in about a second. No joke. Much is ad servers, but lots are google/facebook/etc. More tracking crap.

You don't need a raspberry pi to run it either although that's nicer on the power bill. You can use an old PC (I have successfully tried it running on a 20 year old laptop, albeit requiring debian 32-bit OS) or a virtual machine set up for a bridged adapter so it gets its own LAN IP address. The cloudflared setup in the docs can send your dns requests over https instead of typical unencrypted domain name requests (like thedonald.win) waiting to be sifted off of port 53 by your ISP to be sold to data brokers who just might have a soft spot for Antifa. Or, if you don't trust cloudflare, you can connect the install's OS to a VPN and obfuscate it that way to any other DNS provider you want. Or have a firewalled recursive DNS through VPN. Or have your pihole connected through one VPN provider and your PC through another VPN that points its DNS to your pihole.

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Never before has it been so likely that the price of losing this election is the mass murder of us pedes. The commies think the end justifies the means and won't hesitate to do it.

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"We've got to have a civilian national security force, that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded" -Obama

If only we knew then what he was really setting up.

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You could DDOS several times for the cost of just one conveniently-placed pallet of Soros® Bricks

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This site is certainly no stranger to DDOS attempts. Tonight feels like the days after reddit nuked t_d

Frankly I'm amazed at how well it runs with the traffic it gets. It's practically a non-profit venture built to replace one of the most heavily trafficked forums of one of the busiest websites of all time. Running a video conference call through Minecraft command blocks is probably easier to do.

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If I had to guess, the forced redirect to a login page on a separate system would keep ddos attack traffic from making requests of the main forum as bots can't log in. I'm no expert though. It's just a guess.

The site was sluggish until that requirement started, and afterwards it was running more or less normally.

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So the pretend Captain America was watching the real Captain America and still hasn't figured it out.

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If a store puts a sign on the door saying "masks required" and someone enters without one, legally speaking they're trespassing on private property by not following the property owner's conditions. It's the same as if there's a "gun-free" victim disarmament sign and someone carries concealed anyway.

99.9% of the time nothing comes of it. On the firearms side there can be additional issues; for example, in Michigan, a requirement of the protections of the self-defense act is that you're not committing a crime, and knowingly trespassing could remove that protection. That means that even if someone else in the store tries to shoot you and you shoot back, and the first shooter dies and you live, the act of violating the notice could be spun as a sign of intent and lead to a murder charge.

That act isn't limited to firearms either. It's any self defense. If you're in such a store with a masks required sign but you're not wearing a mask, and some crook decides to mug you at gunpoint, and in the wrestle the perpetrator is injured or killed, you still lose the protection of the self-defense act because you were legally trespassing while defending yourself simply for not having the mask.

It sounds stupid but never underestimate an overzealous prosecutor. I watched my friend get thrown in jail and lose many thousands in legal fees for shooting at --and missing-- an untagged dog in the act of killing much of his livestock and that had tried to maim his wife in the past. The legal system will NOT be on your side if the people in your area are crooked.

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Mobile device? That'll kind of look like a busy vpn from the other end because so many phones go through the network and exit from common points. Lots of traffic from the same ip can autotrigger recaptchas as a DDOS defense.

Usually if I'm on LTE and that happens, if I connect to a dedicated vpn it'll make the captcha requirement go away just because there are fewer clients accessing the site from the vpn server's exit ip.

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Yes! A nation that cannot produce its own goods is no longer sovereign. The strings of foreign dependence are hell when they're pulled.

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Didn't POTUS say the police were turning attendees away to avoid more violence from the BLM terrorists?

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"It's gotta have a 3 on the front you dumb son of a bitch!" I almost spit all over my keyboard that was close LOL

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Cucks in the youtube chat upset about the name Kung Flu. Lads, China earned that name in full with interest when they went as far as disappearing folks to cover it up so no other nation could prepare for it.

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I haven't heard that Brooks and Dunn "Only in America" playing in the stadium in many years. I wish we had a streaming platform that didn't require muting the stream when they play music

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