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Yeah, he tweeted a couple days ago of a very credible death threat.;

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He also tweeted this: "Are Georgia taxpayers curious as to how GA Governor @BrianKempGA was able to pay off millions of dollars in personal debt AFTER he was elected Governor or is it just me?"


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Yeah, they gave it a trial run in '18 and paid off GA officials to install dominion in 2019.

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Joe Biden LOST every bellwether county but one...

TRAILED Clinton’s vote totals except mysteriously in 4 swing state metros...

While President Donald Trump WON a historic incumbent vote total, picked up House seats.

But we are told Joe won?

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Where is Stephen Paddock when you need him?

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The Prince of Darkness did it.

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People just need to get a burner app for their phone and dial from a Michigan no#

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Arnon fucking Mishkin or some shit like that. If Fox hasn't fired him yet that's all you need to know they were complicit. I mean, why wouldn't you fire the person responsible for losing half of your ratings.

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One state brings out all the fraud committed and the rest will overturn. We all know facts and hard evidence proves democrats rigged elections and Trump won big time!! Keep it going PA!

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