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It's a tough process. They first have to believe you are one of them before most will even listen to you. Then you need to slowly chip away at their cognitive dissonance. All in all they need to come to their own conclusion, we just help them along :).

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What comes after clown world?

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^^ this. And he will set himself up well for a future election. The first black president that actually cares about the wellbeing and future of blacks.

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Trump was the right man at the right time. More people will realize as time goes on.

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Not just social media but MSM in general. Constant fear porn on the news that has gotten to my parents. They follow the cases incessantly. That level of obsession is not healthy and I'm trying to get them to see the big picture. Fuck MSM

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Funny you say that.. I experienced a weird flu-like sickness back in October. Fever/chills for a day then most severe symptoms went away. Seemed to get into my upper respiratory tract, and I had a cough for a few weeks after. Still went to work though as this was before Covid was known.

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There is a world of difference between verbal and physical threats (verbal threats for physical harm can be included in the latter). The left has worked hard at erasing the distinction between the two so they can justify/engage in the behavior we are seeing today, including in the courts.

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All that work will pay off in the long term :). It's a shame they pass kids without requiring the work; life is rough and will chew you up if you don't work for it. Probably why we have such a welfare state right now.

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Yea those covid models were way better than horoscopes

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It's funny you mention that.. just read an article from MSM contrasting dems as the party of contempt and Trump as being uplifting. It stuck out to me as its the only article I've read in awhile that puts Trump in a (albeit slight) positive light. I think his speech/message is having an effect

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Exactly what happened with #metoo, some vindictive feminists ruined a lot of job prospects for women as everyone is wary of being accused of sexual assault and having their lives ruined

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yea there are some 'hardline' types that will say 'they got what was coming to them' at this kind of stuff' Fact is this little boy had nothing to do with the miserable mess Chicago is. You can have sympathy for the victims of corrupt Dem ideology; doesn't hurt our cause.

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idagf about Chicago, they've made their mess, but this young boy had nothing to do with it.

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"Oops, I said the quiet part loud and the loud part quiet" - Krusty the Clown

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Good to hear! Like I said it's a ton of work but if you're proactive and stay ahead it's well worth it. Shoot me a msg if you ever need a word of support!

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