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When she lost an initial [aslum legal] decision, she decided [the 10-year-old boy] would be better off temporarily with her brother in the United States. She watched him swim across the Rio Grande.

The woman expected he would be treated the same as before, when such children were picked up by the U.S. Border Patrol and taken to Department of Health and Human Services facilities for eventual placement with a sponsor, usually a relative.

But the mother heard nothing until six days later, when her family received a call from a shelter in Honduras. “They had thrown him out to Honduras,” she said. “We didn’t know anything.”

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Not nearly high enough or complete enough for my liking.

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I like how the camera stayed on the player with the flag. Nowandays it would've stayed on the protestors, and then cut to the army of dipshits taking a knee in the stands.

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They don't shit on service members in public.....in private they haven't changed.

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Get ready to take in a shitload more of "refugees" if their government collapses.

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It was obvious sarcasm making fun of the media's attempt to show the wall as a non-crises.

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Are you kidding? All of my democratic friends are loving it, and are following it to a T. The more restrictions the better to them.

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The my wife's son comments. My sides.

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but refugees are still getting 250 billion to come here so I don't know who wins.

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The bill prohibits the Pentagon from moving any of the $1.2 billion Defense Department allotment to the counter-drug account, which has been used in the past to fund the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

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