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Maybe you missed this part “You don’t have to agree 100%, we’re not leftists.”.

When you say “you wont support one of the President’s greatest achievements?” you are making some big assumptions.

First, that we all agree it is one of his greatest achievements. The Wall, drain the swamp, create a resilient economy and appoint three SC and over a hundred lower court justices are even bigger.

Cv is a farce, and so are the stats behind it. Trump still has optics to worry about but he knows CV is bullshit and so do we.

By making us try to agree with your belief that the vaccination is one of his greatest achievements. you are starting to sound like the BLM guys that force people to say “black lives matter”.

No thanks and fuck off with that.

And for the record, I don’t support forced vaccinations for a flu-like virus either. Forced anything (vaccinations, lockdowns) is generally not good. It is a dictatorship. CV is a disease that is probably less fatal than the flu right now.

So fuck that too. That’s soft slavery.

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Fuck Legend. I used to like The Voice until that fuckstain opened his political mouth and ruined it for me.

Why can’t these retards just keep their uninformed opinions to themselves and entertain me.

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You know what I love?

I love when a man can have a debate with his wife about the best gun grips.

We have the best 2A wives, don’t we folks?


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This pleases me.

Truly beautiful work.

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Right. That must be what I saw. I didn’t phrase that well. I meant that govt loses.

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Let's play a game of battlefield pickup.

Hypothetically, some of us used to drive tanks and fly attack helicopters...

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I don't remember where I saw it, but it was war gamed out. The government attackers lose hard every time.

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They have no idea what 4G warfare would look like in America. Ask the Russians how they did against a bunch of goat herders. Now think about how many trained vets we have, and the really nice toys on display here on Sunday Gunday.

Also, the division in the ranks when ordered to attack Americans would be serious. Those SJW commie officers would get fragged. Dough boy Vinman and his ilk would be removed.

Lastly, any traitors have a huge disadvantage. They would be fighting right here on home soil, where their families are. Not safe. See paragraph 1. Night Letters.

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Yes, for the purpose of artificially dividing your enemy or the people you want to control.

But the other angle on this is of Intersectionality points. The more oppressed classifications you fit into, the higher your social score.

Of course, white, male and Christian have zero point value.

But fat, black, transgender, gender fluid, mermaid queen scores very high because of all the Intersectionality points that pile up.



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Antifa has been declared a terrorist organization. Still too early to do the same to BLM. We need to have Trump reelected first.

I think the feds are taking out leaders of antifa in as low profile ways as possible. Minimal media.

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By design. Obama said himself we need a civilian force as powerful as the military.

He is talking about brown shirts. The parallels to nazi germany are frightening. One of the things the nazis did was replace police with their own form of police. We are hearing exactly this argument today. They already control many state DAs and AGs for the same reasons.

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