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Big Tech IS evil and, in many cases in bed with the ChiComs. That being said, TikTok is Chinese and China is actually asshoe. I suspect that most of the people using it are either young and clueless or older and don't care. Either way, you do you and China is still asshoe.

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Tik tok is China. China is asshoe!

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Read the rules. They're here for your deportation. Trump Supporters

This is The Donald. Our community is a high-energy Trump rally. There are no exceptions.

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Saw Gutfeld in a live show and someone asked how he could stand Juan. His answer was something along the lines as the show needs a foil. Makes sense really. If everyone agreed, it would be pretty boring. I like to think that Juan doesn't really believe most of what he says and just does it for the show. Edit: just saw Juan's wife and she looks like the typical purple-haired, screechy TDS sufferer...he's probably not acting

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That's the one I was looking for. Thanks for posting

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Yes, that was it. Your joke about inflate a date really wasn't funny. Also, the 1940s called and wants "swabbies" back. Anyone with actual military experience knows that "squid" is the preferred pejorative for US Navy sailors. I was merely pointing out that sailors who are desperate enough to use an "inflate a date" could probably hook up onboard or on liberty instead. Are you satisfied now? Let it go, man. Nothing to get so angry about.

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Running aground is absolutely grounds to lose a command. The captain is responsible for EVERYTHING that happens on a ship.

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Have my upTrump for your impressive length comment. I was admiring the length as well.

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Oh, he'll be forceful to retire most likely. Being relieved of command under these circumstances is probably a career ender.

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Don't know if Navarro coined it but Steve Bannon has been using it for weeks on his war room pandemic show

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