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“We do not sponsor nor do we have a relationship with the 17-year-old facing charges in Kenosha, WI.” - Evan Hafer

That’s what a socialist says. A proper statement would be

“We are thrilled a young patriot like Kyle is wearing a T-shirt with our name on it.”

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That's right, the numbers will skew much more Repub once the illegal votes aren't counted and the algorithm vote changes get reversed so that Trump votes count towards Trump instead of Biden.

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I would pity the Coronavirus. It wouldn't stand a chance against the Kenosha Kid.

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The Trump landslide forced the Fraudsters to shut down the counting in the middle of the night to insert more illegal votes because the algorithm wasn't going to be enough.

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It's heart warming when a POW makes it home for the holidays.

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Demos are too stupid to know what Globalist Enslavement is.

Around 48% of voters voted for candidate NotTrump V1.0

The other 3%, giving NotTrump V1.0 the lead, are mindless fraudsters without a pulse that live in Dominion Basements in Cyberland.

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Probably just errors and typos caused by the Smartmatic system getting infected with the China Virus, Covid 19 / election mutation.

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Maybe they are all out "servicing" the machines with Bleach Bit they got from the Hildabeast herself.

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Who here thinks that the road to Dominion goes through Hillary Clinton's living room?

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It's obvious that the election is being stolen, the numbers, statistics and mathematical probability show that. If Tucker can’t do a show based on that and show the American people the truth then he is a fraud himself. He has only a little time left to show his mettle.

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I wonder if Romney can get some stem cells injected into his cranium so that he can grow some grey matter.

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An old tired guy with advancing dementia and an entire career of bad decisions?

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Something is wrong with Tucker. Pressure from management?

I’m surprised he hasn’t shown the technical mathematical proof of fraud that’s out there, that I’ve seen on this site, that I’ve seen on Newsmax.

He doesn't need Sidney to spoon feed him this stuff.

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Fox is dropping like a cinderblock in the deep blue sea.

I have been watching Tucker still but he looks like he’s under some sort of strain and is missing presenting some of the technical mathematical proof of fraud that in the past he would be on like a fly on shit.

Somethings up.

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I just checked the Declaration of Independence and Sidney Powell's signature is on the document!

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silence from the MSM

Why would they broadcast stuff that counters their Anti-American agenda?

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? ? ? ?

Fucked Beyond Identification?

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routed votes to Germany and Spain to be counted by Smartmatic

Seems like that's pretty Dumbdastic for the liberals who went on and on about election integrity.

Just another indicator of widespread voter fraud.

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Just wait until the White Guilt kicks in but later, maybe in a year or two, you could get some White Privilege which would ease the pain of not being Black anymore.

Try and stay positive.

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Masks are utterly useless

Nice to hear a medical expert confirm what I've been saying for a while now.

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