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JFK has literally NOTHING to do with coronavirus or being deposed, removed from office, other than the implication of assassination because Trump ostensibly poses a threat to the biomedical security of US

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Bill Kristol's Mommy is still blending up soy with her warmed titty milk to spoon feed him while he cries Trump "isn't presidential"

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Acutally it's Adam Schiff and John Brennan that are Goebbels

This cuntpope is Goebbels-lite

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Also a computer expert and I second this

The point of Cloudflare is to stop DDOS. So when there is DDOS attacks, why do you get a cloudflare page? That's right because they FAIL selectively on right wing websites being DDOSed

I said something similar to OP about 3 yrs ago on reddit and people laughed at me and I had no frens

That's why I"m here now

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@jack is just protecting soys from spontaneous ejaculation at these two beauful laddies

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Apply liberally to anuuus

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amem me brotty

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Tick Tock Commie Clock

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I was just permabanned by spex for upvoting this banned material

I am sad.

sad pepe so very sad

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Enough Asians complained that Stupider blacks were being admitted over them at Harvard. No need to sugar coat it. That is what happened.

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The article posted is from "the Deepstate / permanent government's (of unelected bureaucrats) OWN BLOG" and it's MARKEDLY ANTI TRUMP


Read it for the facts, and get the popcorn for the enormous amount of butthurt that seeps thru the lines of text

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I think this is also proof they are ALL IN for Buttigieg, Bloomberg or Biden....something with a "B"

(the B lister)

Because the A powerbottom is going to be hillary, and then the B will drop out for one of various reasons, probably coronavirus

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I know this is a Donald sub, but it's important to discuss 'methods' of suppression because what they're doing to Sanders they've done to Trump, so this is just a confirmation of corporate media collusion

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I keep calling thumberg a "tot" but my understanding is she's a teenager, like 16 or something. I call her a tot because she acts like a tot and looks like a cabbage patch kid with half downs syndrome. Kind of a fat downs syndromy kind of baby fat fuck face. Or like a swede whose head was shrunken by magic like in beetlejuice

I know sh'es a kid and I should lay off. But SHE decided to become a public figure and therefore a target for ridicule

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That's like toilets in japan

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I like how they adjusted the light on the kid to washed out and bluetoned so he would appear to have been plucked from a frozen lake just before the interview

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