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Anyone else turn their laptop upside down to see what mirror tim looked like?

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It says in Barr's bio he was CIA. Constantly ingesting anus

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It's not a bagpipe, it's a stealth ventilator. They're hiding the fact he's had covid for a year and 90% of his brain had gone dark

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They should be called "Naughty Science Foundation"

Other things they should study

  • How to give cats cancer
  • How to create viruses that make people gay, stupid, compliant, zombies, or unable to experience spiritual or religious inspiration
  • A virus that targets only food crops and is unstoppable
  • Human Spontaneous combustion study---how to
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That's no way to motivate him into doing this job, OP. You have to use postitve reinforcement.

Now liddle Barr, every deepstater you arrest we'll buy you a toblerone, and every 5 we'll buy you new bagpipes

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This is going to sound really dumb, but nyquil is consistently very excellent OTC medicine. Like ibuprofen liquigels or rapid release tylenol or goodiepowders

whenever I had shit like this, I"d take nyquil and pass out for 10 hours and wake up feeling so damn good

I haven't taken it in years and haven't needed it. Here is the secret.

  • If you're fat, lose weight. I have had big success with long water fasting
  • No drugs, not even alcohol
  • Remove all mineral deficiencies
  • Take a ton of vitamin D
  • Selenium
  • Zinc + Elderberry we know it works now because elderberry has quercetin, a zinc ionophore meaning pushes zinc ions into the cytoplasm of cells where it blocks coronaviruses and rna viruses and even retroviruses (subset of rna)
  • remove stress from life as much as possible
  • sleep
  • enemas. there I said it. Just at least one big one and get rid of all impacted ancient chunks. pray to Ganesh the elephantite diety and remover of obstacles before you go
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I hear they'll be moving it with an over-the-shoulder-racism-holder

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All the moderators ate subway at a moderation party, and are out due to advanced persistent diarrhea (APD)

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Antifa will go after him every single day if he REVERSES Trump's legalization of cannabis federally

States can still prevent the drugs from being able to be sold

disclaimer: this post and comment are for entertainment purposes only. Disclamier is needed because of the mention of assassination.

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Michel CHossodovsky is a leftist who actually agree with the right wing alternative news (zero hedge people) on a lot of things; reinvestigate 9/11; weather weapons; chemtrails;

(These are all tinfoil conspiracy theories, of course, except that they've been disclosed by the US military itself!)

building 7

he doesn't like globalist jesuit pope francis

he doesn't like marxist frankfurt school;

but they say in the report that he embraces marxists, which is hilarious...like you're not allowed to meet fidel castro in person and say that he was a nice guy with good ideas....


he talks about geoengineering

he discusses mass murders by the us military of civilians which actually did happen (obama--'drone king')

he says ISIS is a globalist army run by mccain, hillary and obama thru nato


Michel CHossodovsky is fake news; but since many other outlets use his work like CORBETTREPORT.COM then it's fake news too

So corbett is a russian bot, even though I believe he's canadian who has probably naturalized to Japanese living in japan for over a decade and married there

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Every single one of these fuckers needs to hold up a mirror

They can try to throw these big tech people under the bus; and certainly they deserve this grilling

BUt we need to find out WHICH damn US government department is actually creating policies WITH social media and enabling them to censor people

My belief is that we should be investigating CISA

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Little Barron Trump and his dog bulger

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I was born a poor black man with no eyebrows

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I like x

no wait : x

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