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You're putting Christianity in the box of "control" and "opiate of the masses".

Try again...

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Find a midwife and avoid a hospital birth if you can. 1. Costs. 2. Making sure they don't demand your wife wear a mask while she's giving birth to the baby.

European births aren't going so great right now.

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I honestly think Washington and California went red this year.

They were both Dominion users...HMMMM....

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Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House.

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Whole thing, including fear mongering, blackpilling, etc. was at least 95 minutes. The bit I quoted, I would say it was at least half an hour in, if not a bit more.

While a time stamp is good, I would argue it's important to hear about everything he is lying about:

  • There is no ICU in Sacred Heart, which is now a state owned hospital. The nurse they had on works in the pediatric ICU.
  • They admitted the hospitals are not over capacity or even at capacity, they just "could be."
  • People supposedly could test up to 48 hours before Thanksgiving: WRONG. If you're not a state employee or don't already have an appointment, the soonest you can get your test is after Thanksgiving.
  • We can't have gatherings, yet the Seahawks get to play because they're "trusted".

The list goes on...

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It was on KOMO, KING, KIRO, and others. They also all asked questions.

If you actually watched the broadcast, you would understand that YES, he IS that stupid and most certainly that arrogant and hubristic.

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It's almost like he's a businessman and knows how to speak to different audiences...

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Underrated comment, holy shit people are touchy here today.

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ALL Biden states should be legally challenged. Washington and Oregon did not go to Biden.

They rigged the local elections, as well, and we have no recourse.

Fucking kick down these sand castles and be done with it.

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It's because it bleeds through and creates partial reads in other parts of the ballot. Think scantron.

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People are checking their ballot statuses (those who were made to use a Sharpie) and finding them as "cancelled". Multiple screenshots throughout TD.

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The machines literally cannot read sharpie'd ballots. Those will need to be hand counted.

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Stop watching Fox. Dinosaur media.

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Blue Wall? What the fuck is this shit?

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