no_brakes_mcarthur 4 points ago

Dr. Faucci is the Marco Rubio of the infectious disease community—deep state stooge, pretend partner of the President, bleeding heart liberal. Take anything he says with a grain of salt.

no_brakes_mcarthur 13 points ago

Oh the irony...I don’t remember Republicans trying to sneak abortion blood money into the coronavirus bill

no_brakes_mcarthur 8 points ago

NC Pede here. Burr is the biggest RINO and perhaps the shadiest Senator in Congress.

Getting out in October 2019 is a lot different than getting out in February 2020 while receiving daily security briefs on the coronavirus and only 10 days after writing an op-Ed that says “we are prepared” for this.

Burr is a rat. Only reason I don’t want him to resign is because our baby-killing Dem. Governor, Roy Cooper, would get to appoint his replacement.

no_brakes_mcarthur 6 points ago

Burr is more than a RINO, he’s a straight up Democrat.

Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee who largely kept the Mueller hoax going AND gave it plenty of plausible deniability to do so.

I can’t stand that this guy is one of my NC senators.

no_brakes_mcarthur 6 points ago

Leave Joe Biden alone you Lying dog face pony soldier

no_brakes_mcarthur 4 points ago

Or complaining about income inequality and then nominating a NY billionaire...

Or complaining about white privilege, then nominating a fake Indian...

Or complaining about DJT’s mental capacity and then nominating a senile ex-VP

no_brakes_mcarthur 5 points ago

Man I love Bongino.

If Limbaugh ever hangs it up, I see Bongino picking up that nationally syndicated 12-3 time slot.

no_brakes_mcarthur 2 points ago

Her post-impeachment interview was hilarious. She was almost as incoherent as Biden...could’ve been the Vicodin, alcohol or dementia. Who knows?

no_brakes_mcarthur 15 points ago

Scandal leads all the way to the top. Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Romney, Paul Ryan, and others were 100% complicit.

no_brakes_mcarthur 15 points ago

Can’t wait for the Bongino Report which I think will ultimately put Drudge out of business

no_brakes_mcarthur 3 points ago

Koch is a globalist RINO. About as surprising as Richard Simmons coming out as gay.

no_brakes_mcarthur 18 points ago (edited)

Crimes for thee, not for me.

Dems let an actual ambassador die in Benghazi and no one bats an eye. Trump fires a partisan Ukrainian ambassador and hurts her feelings and everyone loses their mind.

no_brakes_mcarthur 3 points ago

We are now genetically modified super-Pedes. We’ve become resistant to everything they’ve used to try and kill us and have morphed into something stronger.

no_brakes_mcarthur 41 points ago

This is why we don’t need people like Rep. Dan Crenshaw.

If they can take away your 2A rights with no due process, just imagine how much easier it will be to take away the rest of your rights

no_brakes_mcarthur 10 points ago

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