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No I meant they are blaming Trump on it. I agree they are but they dont listen to trump its not like they are taking orders from him. I agree though burn it down y.ou've made your bed, now lie in it CNN

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Does anyone think POTUS should bring the family to the White House for a conference? Maybe with other black leaders joining? He needs to do something it's going to only get worse... I understand states need to control it but come on, its US-wide... I hope he is coming up with something ASAP that's reasonable an wont spark more retard outrage. Its fucking walking a tight rope across the grand canyon to pull off bringing peace with these people.

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I seen someone on MSDNC saying thiS is what happens when a presidnet says the press is the enemy of the people AHAHAHAHAH the audacity

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I really didnt. I think i said a to a liberal hes a piece of shit after he called me a bunch of shit and hes still actively posting meaning no suspension lmao... the only difference is i didnt report him because im not a 4 year soy boy with high estrogen that hes trying to treat an he obv reported me.

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If anyone wants to help me with making a wiki site for this type of shit, I am in the plans of doing so, so message me. I may register a domain to be a unoffical or maybe offical sister site to this to link here in sidebar so it can be indexed by search engines. I message mods but never get a response.. I understand they are probably flooded with messages so Ill wait a bit more but message me if you wanna help. I only need one or two

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Reap what you sow, CNN. They are the only building affected that I could not give one fuck about.

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He's such a flaming sissy cuckist it aggravates me. I have a 2 year old little boy in my family who has more testosterone than him.

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Well, thats pretty fucking dumb. Was it intentional? This guy intentionally let a city be burned down bc BRUH brick an mortar is brick an mortar

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