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I think he looks emotional. I think he was hoping for a win but when he got the landslide I think it was very moving to him. He’s covering his face a bit. I think he’s choking up a bit.

Edit: Ivanka also looks like she’s about to cry.

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Where is this??this isn’t the White House briefing room is it?

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Only downside I could see is gaining trust of the small business owners. There’s a reason my dad employed only family and close friends. That much cash is very tempting.

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Well these aren’t convenience stores. I’m sorry you can’t imagine a cash only business with high value transactions but I’m not going to dox myself to tell you.

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Yeah truly. Apparently the artist is Polish—no surprise.

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Oh good I’ll be sure to tell my dad that and his fewer than 10 employees.

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Cashier’s check doesn’t help you when you need cash in registers.

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I read a report that says this number is a GROSS underestimation of the true number of guns in America. Apparently this is the tally just from when they started counting which was not that long ago.

Clarification—the report I read was saying at minimum 600 mil and probably more.

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I don’t know, but I know my dad looked into it and it would have been way too much. Didn’t make sense. Even though he’s an inherently risk-averse guy—not afraid, just doesn’t take unnecessary risks.

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Could be a small business owner. They carry this much cash in and out of banks.

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Small businesses don’t have this luxury. I used to do deposits for my dad’s business with amounts in this ballpark all the time, in a city with no conceal carry rights. I was an 18 year old kid walking in to banks with bulging envelopes. Small business owners take big risks all the time because they have no choice.

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Huuur durrrr I love pot but I never bother to look into the long term cognitive effects and the gradual dumbing down of our populace.

You fucking potheads. Stop being afraid of the world. You don’t have to be high.

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Yeah yeah that’s great. I hope we allow and heck even encourage more opioids in the countryside. I just love driving through rural America and seeing the devastation of drug addiction. Really makes me feel like America is great.

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They’re just preparing everyone for the candidate switch that will happen at the convention. Michelle? Her movie was supposed to be the primer but it majorly flopped.

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How have the Nashville police not learned their lesson??? What the actual fuck? In my town they just passed a $100 fine for not wearing a mask in public. I expect the police to continue doing what they have been doing the whole time—ignoring this insanity.

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HAHAHAHAHAHA thanks for the narration. I wasn’t 100% sure what was happening. The guy is awesome.

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In this day and age wearing that flag is a sign of defiance and baseness whether there’sa blue stripe or not. 🇺🇸

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