neoPede [S] 20 points ago (edited)

TBH the mainstream narrative itself for coronavirus is playing a lot like a sci-fi movie. HCQ had a part in destroying their narrative too.

Bill, get the Antidote. We're almost there!

It is I, Lord Donald. That antidote is going nowhere. You will never stop me muwahahaha.

neoPede [S] 37 points ago (edited)

Tons of people posted pictures of black squares on Instagram (and other social media sites) to virtue-signal Black Lives Matter.

neoPede [S] 42 points ago (edited)

Hey why not instead donate that money to the many small and minority owned businesses that were looted and destroyed? Oh yeah, because they hate America.

neoPede [S] 93 points ago

Soros is banned from 7 countries. It's time for him to be banned from the US.

neoPede [S] 4 points ago

Now I gotta make a crab rave meme of this.

neoPede [S] 20 points ago

This might be CNN setting a false flag on themselves to make themselves look like victims...

neoPede [S] 2 points ago

It's Los Angeles as everyone from there is moving to Texas. Should make it more obvious if I redo the post.

neoPede [S] 7 points ago

Emma Sulcowicz (they/them [nonbinary]) was allegedly raped by somebody so Sulcowicz, as protest, carried a mattress at school wherever they went.

neoPede [S] 4 points ago

And if you live in a blue state/city where masks are required, keep a mask in your pocket but don't wear it. The worst that's going to happen is simply for someone to ask you put on the mask.

neoPede [S] 2 points ago

I kept digging and digging but just now realised that this may be a stunt from the great people at Boston Antifa.

neoPede [S] 8 points ago

Well the second wave might still be coming in 2255!

neoPede [S] 23 points ago (edited)

It seriously is a great book (to understand globalist thought process); everyone should read and understand it.

neoPede [S] 5 points ago

The UK has always been more left wing than the United states and Boris Johnson seems to be the most populous president the UK has had in a long time, which is definitely a step in the right direction.

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