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"Mister President, why are you not forcibly controlling people's diets and taking personal responsibility for any and all illnesses in America? Can we expect an apology followed by resignation for your callousness?"

That bozo's question in a nutshell.

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The T-1000 has been sent to expose the deviants in the Deep State.

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A minor correction to the title, this order strikes down the Health Secretary's draconian order, not the Governor's overall declaration. However, this was by far the most aggressive order the executive branch issued. Evers lacked the guts to issue this order himself, so he had the Health Secretary do it.

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Contact your county commissioners/DA. Especially if you're in one of those R counties that haven't weighed in yet.

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The press went on and on and on about how loyal and decent Hiss was and how then-Congressman Nixon was persecuting this faithful American servant. Nixon then revealed the docs proving Hiss was indeed a spy for the USSR. Hiss went to jail for perjury, the press was humiliated and Nixon turned that incident into a Senate seat and caught the eye of the party bosses for the vice presidency when Eisenhower ran.

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We know he spied on Merkel. He almost certainly spied on Cruz and Rubio as well.

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Nixon was set up. He was by no means a saint, but Watergate was not his doing. And the press never forgave him for making them look like fools when he nailed Alger Hiss as a Soviet spy, so they were chomping at the bit to destroy him.

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Roberts is a tool, but he did what the WH wanted with this request. Nadler and Schiff are looking for anything they possibly can in the Mueller grand jury material to resurrect the hoax. Roberts told DOJ they do not have to produce that material, at least for now.

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If you're ever wondering why your loved ones are scared shitless or infected with TDS, this is why. They subject themselves to this fear porn constantly.

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