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What else do you expect him to do in the minority party of the House, an institution that is based on the concept of "the majority does largely whatever it wants"? He cannot pass legislation or subpoena testimony without Pelosi and her nutjobs on board, and he cannot arrest people. He has a role, and he's filling it.

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Wow, Fartwell now? The Dems are truly sending their best.

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Communism is an ideology completely rooted in sin. It is the breathing embodiment of the sin of envy and a flagrant violation of the Tenth Commandment.

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I still laugh every single time I see that play. It's just so comedically perfect.

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Jesus H. Christ. That's the most embarrassing display I may have ever seen on a baseball field.

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It's the easiest way to move these violent criminals into federal jurisdiction and keep them out of the hands of the Soros DAs.

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At the federal level next up is Keith Nelson, who kidnapped, raped, and garrotted a 10 year old girl in 2001. His execution is scheduled for August 28.

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Madigan's dirty even by Illinois standards.

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A powerful Illinois public official implicated in massive corruption? Must be a day ending in Y.

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The feds have only executed 5 criminals since 1963, INCLUDING the 2 from this week.

The other 3 were Timothy McVeigh, a mass murdering drug boss, and a guy who raped and murdered a female Army private.

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So that whole "He has dementia and doesn't understand why he's being executed" argument was complete BS, as expected.

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I remember when Hillary was up by 8 points here in PA the day before the election.

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Our "expert class" is corrupt, malicious, and intensely stupid all at once.

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Can I simply mention how stupid the Senate hold system is? A single member should not be able to affect the business of the whole chamber this severely. Yet another moronic arcane rule that demonstrates what a failed institution Congress is.

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He was walked out of the NSC at the White House. He was still an active duty officer, as pathetic as that is.

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Any twat who insists that a civilian (a member of Congress, no less) refer to him by his rank should receive nothing but scorn.

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Pay for your own birth control, skank. Or you could just, ya know, keep 'em closed.

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Libs probably view these in secret as fetish porn. The custom cuckold and humiliation stuff gets expensive after a while.

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