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Jesus, for days they have been saying it fake because they haven’t released the DKIM. So they release the DKIM verification from a second guy and it’s still fake news. It’s like they want to be sued into oblivion

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NC. We got this. Bit that 9 day counting bullshit..... clown world shit.

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Great read though!

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Exactly. Can’t discredit the material, so attack the source.

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Now the whole MSM will start reporting this bullshit and tomorrow or on the weekend, final bomb is dropped and everyone finds out everything. Media is proven complicit beyond a doubt. Make this shit happen.

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This is insane. Read this. At one point they start saying “ Computer-generated faces have become a staple of large-scale disinformation operations in the run-up to the election. In December, Facebook took down a network of fake accounts using computer-created faces tied to The Epoch Times.” Wtf?

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Guy, Copies WERE sent, not the originals. Tucker still has the originals, OANN has them too. This is not bobulinsky's information, it's from a new source, but corroborated with Bobulinkys data.

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The Black and Latino vote is going to flip the state of Florida to Trump.

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I assume Tucker and team had suspicions that they were being spied on based on other "coincidences" they might have noticed over the last few months, so they set up a fake "OCTOBER SURPRISE" to flush out t who is reading his text and email conversations. Hope it worked! Seems like they were found after Tucker said they have copies all over.

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Got mine locked in NC in person on Tuesday! #Winning!

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Yes please! Hell, he went on Alex Jomes in 2016 and was awesome! Picked up. a lot of votes from those interviews. But he doesn't need to convince us of how to vote, right now, he should spend that time in AZ, NC, MI, and WI until next week,

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As a resident of NC, most of the state (rural areas) are pure red, as always. Charlotte and Durham are where the voter fraud will happen that has kept the libs close in the last few elections, but I have faith in my state. MAGA!

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