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Basically just tell people to put up It's Okay To Be White posters on their schools and streets on Halloween and wear a mask to avoid media harassment.

more info here

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One other thing: make sure to participate in and / or promote the It's Okay To Be White poster campaign this Halloween. I'll be spearheading promotional efforts again as I did in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Every year until the message is no longer considered controversial.

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One of the most important posts on this site right now. This place needs to be a base of operations whose influence spreads far beyond its own borders, not an echo chamber.

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That's my OC!

I posted it on the chans on January 21st last year. It went viral and was spread by James Woods and mockingly by the NYT (very salty reactions). Then it became a poster campaign where zoomers were putting them on their schools to show support for Nick against MSM. Lots of funny reactions, campuses were terrified of him.

Pretty cool to see Nick and his lawyer sharing this meme, happy birthday you obscenely wealthy young hero!

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excellent satellite reception 24/7

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>Houston, we have an unidentified object heading towards the space station

>copy that, looks like a sticky too: brace for impact

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translation of the email he sent out with this video (sorry I don't have english subtitles for the whole video, this message is the most important part, the lawsuit could set a precedent for anyone banned by YouTube):

Dear friends and supporters!

I would like to thank you for your great support in the past few days! Banning my YouTube channel was a hard blow, but I'm not going to give up. Your numerous encouraging messages and the proven willingness to support me financially in the legal fight against YouTube have given me the necessary certainty. My lawyer sent the lawsuit yesterday - the legal fight against the censorship is now open! You can find more information in the following video.

I will not give up!

Thank you and best regards from Vienna,

Martin Sellner

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Lauren Southern visited Orania and interviewed the mayor in her documentary Farmlands, go to 55:25. An interesting case study on where America and other developed countries may be heading.

Democrats, BLM and antifa are all violently anti-white and most of the GOP is completely useless. Trump is doing all that he can and must be re-elected. Beyond that, nobody is coming to help us. This isn't mere politics. We need to start thinking in terms of survival.

God forbid one day murders of women like Jessica Whitaker become commonplace, barely investigated and celebrated by leftists who hate white people - but that won't happen in places like Orania.

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Something is psychologically wrong in a collective sense with white people (not all but most). We've been conditioned to hear news about our women being murdered and barely react to it. It strikes me as suicidal or like large scale battered woman syndrome or something.

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There's plenty of space in high-energy Trump rallies for fighting back against the left's hatred of white people - who make up the vast majority of Trump voters in case you forgot. It's like you don't even understand Trump's popular appeal.

I'll continue to post here and there's nothing you can do about it except cry. Deal with it.

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The UN and the left in general are firmly behind the attempt to get rid of white people.

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When the establishment wants to get rid of a particular race of people, saying that it's okay for that race of people to exist would logically be considered criminal.

Erasing the history of those people (ex. getting rid of statues) is always a first step before physically eliminating the people.

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That's what MSM and the left admit that they believe every time they overreact to these posters; that's also why we need to keep spamming the posters.

Halloween is traditionally the most active day for putting up posters (because you can wear a mask in public without arousing suspicion), but since you can do that now too - why not put them up now?

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Apparently the brains behind the operation has been tweaking facial recognition software to run on the database. I'm pumped, interested in the impact this could have.

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does it really though? who would confuse this as not satire

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Yes the way MSM tries to portray arson, assault and murder as "peaceful protesting" is disgusting.

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The "my borders my choice" meme was originally translated into many languages and spread like wildfire. The French version was shared by someone involved with Marine Le Pen's party (who MLP follows on twitter). I always wondered if it could have been boosted enough to get a retweet from a major politician like MLP.

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Agreed but it is one of the theatres in this infowar, we have to wade through the shit to win hearts and minds there.

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