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“You can be built like a line backer and still be feminine”

Do you hear yourself, bro?

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You're right. Nobody ever does that to Trump or Trump supporters.

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Prayers for the doctors who have to look at that. Gonna need some eye bleach.

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Yeah, with Meghan you may need a harpoon

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“You gotta be a lion goin into battle. You can’t be a little cub gettin scared.”


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It’s just personal income tax. Basically, when you run a business, the more money you can keep out of your personal income and in your business structure, the more tax benefits you can utilize. There’s nothing illegal about it, and smart business owners all over the country use the same exact tactics. If the Democrats don’t like it, change the tax laws.

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Because he’s created more wealth, prosperity, and jobs than you. And he’s smarter and knows how to use the tax laws better than you. Sit down.

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Bezos paid the minimum amount of taxes he legally owed. Trump paid the minimum amount of taxes he legally owed. Where's the big scandal, exactly? You're desperately grasping at straws.

I think you're going to have to come up with something better than comparing Trump to Obama, considering Obama never earned a penny that he didn't leech from taxpayers. He's never created wealth. Never created a single job. Never contributed anything of value to our society. It's pretty rich to call Trump a hypocrite when he doesn't take a dime of his taxpayer-funded salary.

And, yet again, you're demonstrating that you're illiterate in finance and business. Get lost, fuck tard! Grab your soy, and head back over to r/politics!

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Amazon loses money on paper on purpose to not pay taxes. Are you going to call Jeff Bezos a moron too? Oh, right, no you won't because he's a Democrat.

You know nothing about business or wealth, and it shows. Just another keyboard Reddit "expert" who is a complete ignoramus and useful idiot. I don't even care if you get removed because I'd rather have your stupidity and hypocrisy on full display!

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“I’m a Trump supporter, but I read and trust the NYT, and btw Trump is an idiot! Ignore that this is a fresh account I made today! But I’m totally one of you, guys!”

Shills are so easy to spot.

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Merrick Garland is on the right side of her. Antonin Scalia on the left.

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