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In the debate Biden conceded the election trying to trick people not to vote. Vote.

He conceded it saying if he was president he would have a plan for COVID.

If he thought that were going to happen then he would have a plan already. There would be no would about it.

Would would would would he's got would.

Vote because unless you do you'll lose.

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I have to confess this is brilliant campaigning. His appearance can only make things worse so...

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Biden needs to be careful with his flaunting. We all remember what happened to the Gaul in the series Rome. The longer it is the easier it is to lop off. Never bring your penis to a real sword fight, not matter how long it is.

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There is science that appears to show the left cannot incorporate as many factors or axes in making decisions. I'm not sure if the Amygdala is involved in that but it suggests some failure of the neuro mechanism required to take multiple angles info account.

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It is but also more than that as you hint. Psychologists. They learn all this stuff. What if taking away purpose would they be best at? Making things go wrong or right?

I'm sure your know the answer. It's a realm where inflicting disease is easier then curing it, like many others. It's often easier for an arsonist than a firefighter, this is why its so appreciable to be a firefighter.

There are just fanatics but there are also vulnerable people propagandists are desperately hammering on to compromise and see what sticks. Many people intellectually capable are also ironically intellectually vulnerable.

You're right. This isn't just coronavirus. That's a stressor in addition that draws away people's defence and makes them more vulnerable. It makes things, really ripe.

This propaganda is already fracturing my family. That's personal and hard to share. It's also however destroying people that would otherwise be very accomplished.

This goes beyond the pale. This is not merely a spectacle. This is not acceptable. It's almost as if they are not only taking command of bad people anyways but in a certain sense murdering people that enrich the lives of others.

There's no softening this up. This is now war. In fact it is more but we simply lack for word for something of greater severity than war. I'm not going to blame all the victims of TDS automatically even if people have some personal responsibility. This isn't a sickness that spreads itself like SARS-CoV-2. This is predominantly mindfully spread from mind one to another mind and a pathogen we know for certain was manufactured by the press and opposition campaign sore loser rhetoric. People are made diseased on purpose and they make every possible effort to make people sick.

Smashing their faces in with a hammer for it would be the utmost leniency and even qualify as amnesty relative to the scope of the crime.

The entirety of my being is now fully mobilised to this purpose. Either it dies or I die trying. Whether I survive to see it or not there shall be victory, victory eternal.

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It's all fun and games until >someone< gets hurt. That someone being someone. A someone. A someone to us. A someone that one way or another may earn something of us such as our attention or even our devotion or love. It's very sad. Though perhaps we can channel that into a fervour from which the enemy that has done this to our loved ones shall not survive. There are those who sadly fall to TDS but we must deliver a retribution unto those who deliberately inflict it upon others. We must become better at delivering retribution than they are as delivering lies and TDS. This battle has always been personal to me and I thought it could not get any more personal but here we are. This is the real pandemic. They're killing people. Life is not merely a heart beat but much more than that. They have reduced this amazing person to someone that might as well be on life support. I am filled with such rage I do not know if I shall survive it but if I do then they surely shall not.

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Most of it was boring because the moderator and Biden just kept dishing out the cheap shots from MSM. The woman asking about the vaccine stuff and saying that's new information. Not it's not. It's something she don't know because usually she receives everything through the letter box or keyhole of MSM. Trump answered half or more of her questions bloody aeons ago. MSM doesn't cherry pick that stuff though. This debate was 90% boring beyond belief rehashing stuff that ought be common knowledge but instead having to reiterate things again because the media they usually hear Trump through didn't pass that on.

Seriously, it's not Trump's fault but bloody 90% of the debate was just noise, droning on. Though people are saying well Biden seemed to actually be alive after the sleepy Joe thing maybe taking it a bit far Joe slipped a few things that if you stop and think about it you're like whoa whoa wind up a little. Say that again, can you elaborate?

Wearing a mask at all times is a big one. Especially saying that when he wasn't wearing one. If Biden met me in real life he'd need a face diaper because I'd shit in his face. Do you get double inside diapers for when you poo into it and people poo onto you?

Let me explain to you what the debate was like. It was torturous. It was like one of those recap episodes in Star Gate where they're under review and justifying all the previous mission reports but you also just watched all that and you're not new to the game. Most of the debate was soaked up with having to bring on board people new to the game after being fed stuff selectively through the MSM which is more like a filter keeping information out than information delivery.

It was not mentally stimulating and to find the gems or non-repeat content you have to sift through, rifle through mounds and mounds of shit to actually get to something new. Realistically the whole thing could be reduced to 5 to 10 minutes. The rest of it is all out there.

I am very unhappy. I am not intellectually stimulated by the dull and repetitive challenge brought in by the left and their partially informed droids.

I'm no cannibal. I do not feast on the flesh of my own. I am worse. It's not that I'm beneath that. I'm above it. I feast upon the souls of others. If that doesn't scare you I do not do so through lack of having a soul of my own. If anything I have and had too much to begin with.

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Kyle seemed to get more accurate and use less shots each time around.

I think there's an element of luck to it in any circumstance but it can't explain it all.

Luck alone can only do so much. I see him follow a curve.

I'm an atheist and not religious but I think his performance does skirt on miraculous.

Call it what you want, divine intervention or the wonder of the evolution of the human brain it's pretty awesome.

They want to make a saint out of Floyd? For what? Dying on camera after stuffing his face with drugs?

If they can make him a saint for so little then I think we're justified in making Kyle a saint for going above and beyond.

Kyle should be an inspiration to us all. George is an anti-inspiration. In a way they are both the same and as powerful.

The message of one is what you can become and the other what you can become.

How low and how high man can fall and fly.

Perhaps Floyd is also a saint of sorts but not the sort racists like BLM would like. An anti-saint.

If Kyle can convince the most sceptical such as myself that he's a saint then I believe that is the highest qualification.

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This is what makes us superior to our enemy. We always seek to self improve, to get to the bottom of things, find out what really happened and correct ourselves. We stay true.

The enemy cannot adapt. They believe they can do no wrong nor make mistake. They believe they know it all already.

They stunt themselves thinking they're at the top or giants when we keep growing or climbing higher. Ideologically there's no dimension, no immediate up or down so you can't tell if you're looking up or down sometimes. The liberals have lost their bearings.

To describe them as stunted is a complement. It's not that they've hit a ceiling at all. They're racing to the bottom, in free fall and if they're stunted it's because they hit the floor, rock bottom.

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In Australia a long time ago a woman called the police crying that dingoes ate her baby. The police found this incredulous and charged her.

Eventually it turned out dingoes did actually eat the baby.

Just because something sounds absurd upfront doesn't mean it is.

I'll have the last laugh when footage comes out of coyotes stealing kids and dragging them across the border to be saved by border guards who scare the coyotes away to save the kid.


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I think she was awful on the kids in cages thing. It's not a question she needs to ask Trump.

It's not his duty to reunite those families. She's saying he's splitting them up then through that they're unable to join them together again.

It's dumb. What's happening is this...

  • Kids were split from their real family already before coming in.
  • Families are abandoning their children.
  • For various reasons they can't be reunited, family dies, goes to prison, etc.
  • Kids cannot be reunited with family due to safety concerns such as family is abusive.

These kids aren't simply lost as though taken by some child snatcher. If the family cares they'll go find the kids and do what they need to to be reunited. They know who has their kids and if they wanted to be reunited then they would be in nearly all cases down to the point of diminishing returns or negligible numbers. The state isn't hiding their kids away and it really speaks much more about the parents than it does the state that the parents aren't doing all they can in these cases to get their kids back.

In a few cases there might be administrative impediment but that should not be more than an inconvenience. They seem to just expect some people in the nation to hand everything to others on a silver platter. Immigrants come in and Trump is 200% responsible for their kids? Immigrants need to be treated like guests in a hotel? Democrats aren't capable of conceiving of multiparty situations. No wonder they want a one party system.

Those 500 are also presumably the standing number. If so that's also really dumb.

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It's endless. Biden also talking about how states hate it hard and hard to fire firefighters, etc when he also wants to defund the police and emergency services.

What I see here is places have screwed up their budget and you're saying just throw more money at them? I'd send in the feds shock and awe tossing civil servants into interrogation and collecting documents like bailing sandbags to stop a flood to find out who's embezzling.

Also going on about the bail out bills. The thing is Democrats keep bolting on everything else they want onto it rather than sticking to the actual point.

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I've just jumped in at a random point and he says no one lost their private insurance, not a single one, he empathises then quickly says unless they choose before quickly moving on.

Through a dart on the map, visit the place and sure enough there will be weasels. There are always weasels.

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I'm mistaking the E for a B not paying attention.

China bid.

It might be deliberate but we can't know that for sure. If it's an accident then they got it bang on.

Snopes says it's false which means it's true. If it's something you can't verify the rule is if Snopes says it's true or false then it's the opposite.

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In my view this is just three red lines. We don't know the intended meaning and it could be anything. It's likely used all over the place. There's probably an insect with three red lines on its back to indicate it's poisonous. Except it's not, but it's evolved to have it because another insect has three red lines but is poisonous so it keeps the predators and other buggers away. If B had three circles instead then it would be four lines, perhaps.

The huge however is that the left want to go and make out how everything's a hate sign, everything's a Swastika, and resemblance isn't coincidental and so on so as far as I'm concerned knock yourself out, break a leg, go ahead, let rip.

Also even without this symbology we know it's basically true anyway they want to usher in some kind of unusually twisted socialist like regime. They'll just say it when asked one way or another.

The way the Democrats work is like this: "Are you stepping on my toe?" - Someone "No, you're putting your toe under my foot." - Democrat

That or something even more deranged like "No, I have my foot perched on a mostly solid mass comprised of bone and other material." or "What makes you think that toe belongs to you?"

They'll have a tendency to say I'm not doing word but I'm doing the definition of that word. For example, we're not doing socialist but we're taxing everyone and then redistributing it according to some principle which is basically the same as socialism.

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It's a sarcastic term for people either up to something or more suspect than made out. It's used in the same way he was just sleeping or protesting is now used.

The pattern is always the same. Someone is doing something and consequences are born from it. The left wing pundits will say they're innocent.

Usually saying something they were doing at the time that sounds innocent but that doesn't really explain the actions that led to their demise.

Taylor was not simply sleeping when she was shot. She hadn't done anything wrong that we know but she had gotten out of bed, thrown on some things and walked out into the hall having the misfortune to be standing next to a man who fired a shot off into a police officers leg with her being in the return path when the cops opened fire back.

Arbery wasn't simply out jogging when a bunch of men set on him. He was first seen trespassing on a property where earlier thefts had occurred as well as in the vicinity in general and then jumped a guy with a shotgun.

Brooks wasn't shot for sleeping in his car. The cops came to check him out because he'd fallen asleep drunk at the wheel in a drive thru blocking all the traffic. When he was shot he was wide awake, had viciously attacked a police officer and was in the process of trying to shoot an officer in the face with a taser while trying to get escape justice.

It simply does not end. It's a typical criminal mindset. When you're doing something wrong out of all the other associated things you're doing say you're doing something innocent except doing it on behalf of other people.

It has become a joke now. When some people are blatantly rioting and looting or something to say they were just jogging or are joggers. It's in fact the left wing that created and used the label like that but unironically. If you ask the left wing they'll say they're just a jogger, protester, etc. If that's the n-word, then it's the left wing insisting they're joggers unsarcastically so it's the left wing calling them that.

The whole thing is not labelling when done from the right. It's taking the piss of left wing labelling or should I say mislabelling. If there's anything racist about it then that comes from its origin of the left wing deliberately mislabelling the misbehaviour of people when they're black as something else.

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A celebration of a group of people who happen to funnily enough be immigrants defending themselves in the midst of a violent local uprising.

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Posters on the subreddit have used the term “jogger,” a stand-in for the n-word that was born on 4chan after Ahmaud Arbery, an African-American man, was killed by white men in Georgia while exercising.

if you feel like losing a few brain cells

It's really not an overstatement.

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He's turning into a little Jimmy Saville except there was never really all that much evidence on Saville.

The thing that really disturbs me is there's this subculture of incest and underaged linked to things like anime.

I find it surreal that the Biden family turns out to be into that for real.

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Someone should ask the mods to have it do that automatically for all links voted passed a threshold and it should be a link along the bottom along with the items like permalink, etc.

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It's just thottling them. They seem to be running some shitty QOS. My internet went down and I have to tether. They do really stupid things this provider. They were completely blackholing td.win a while ago but now it seems to be streamlined.

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