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I wouldn't pay someone to shit on her face as it looks like her face was already shit out of something but if they did and they set up a go fund me for their legal fees then I would strongly consider donating at least a token amount.

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I think a lot of people get confused about what it is to have empathy or not. It's complicated.

People have looked at the worse criminals and sociopaths. Some have obvious anomalies but others don't have any deficit in empathy.

Empathy in itself is variable. Someone has their leg trapped. Many people would empathise and free them. Some would rob them. They might even empathise but the reward is a greater attraction.

If a bear is incoming however and there's no good chance to free the person then empathy goes out the window, most people would do a runner.

Some of those criminals they looked at could empathise fine. They could tell how things would make other people feel, they simply didn't care. They're not sympathetic.

You might assume the problem is simple, to make them care. How much though?

What about if someone has an anger issue? That is, to easily angered. Something might anger them such as someone mispronouncing their name, causing them to lose their temper and fly into a rage.

If you turn that down all the way and don't get angry even when they should. For example, they come home to find an intruder raping their partner but can't do anything because it doesn't make them angry.

We have the same problem with empathy and sociopathy. Mild autism means people simply don't read others very well and that's a shield if you like against some of the petty feelings people feel that we should be sociopathic against anyway.

You'll find most people with mild autism, if you describe a serious problem that's logical, proportionate and makes sense then you won't find a complete absence of empathy.

Most people, even people with mild autistic tenancies or traits understand that for example being skinned alive is unpleasant and would on some levels feel bad for someone that was happening to.

Start going away from mild autism and we're talking serious mental difficulties so it's not all that useful.

When you have someone on the other hand screaming like they're being skinned alive when all that really happened is someone said something they didn't like then empathy in that situation is pathological.

You have the level of which people read others's emotions which can be either not at all or to misread them when their sense of empathy is damaged but also the level of which people are about to feel bad for people or to feel other's pain as their own and whether or not that is accurate.

In all cases you need a balance somewhere around the middle. Children are a special case because even if they cry and make a fuss over stupid things then you must give them some leeway but as they grow up there's less and less that should be tolerated.

What we see with leftists is a perpetuation of this childhood state. When the baby is crying you run and make it feel good no matter what.

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It's possible to sow discord and not even take a definitely anti-Trump position.

One example might be to hold Trump to an impossibly high standard but rather than use it to criticise him, use it to attack fellow Trump supporters who do not hold Trump to an impossibly high standard.

Although I haven't seen this yet one example might be the pancake story. Is it true? Who knows and who even cares. Every family has stories like that. He's accused of grabbing a couple of pancakes on the way out and not even saying cheerio? What next? Allegations of Trump once snoring while asleep? Quick call the impeachment brigade we've got a pancake bandit.

To cause division and internal friction the activists would treat anyone who is saying anything other than it's not true and who doesn't react to it like it's a huge insult to Trump's honour as shills. They'd be downvoting, starting an argument with the person and hitting the deport button with every intention of deliberately causing friendly fire and getting innocent supporters deported.

We should stay very vigilant but also mindful as I do not believe any devious or dishonourable tactic is beyond these people.

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I think even if it's a LARP it's not untrue.

People forget that there are a lot of people on disability, unemployment, indoctrinated in class and with a lot of time on their hands. Almost all of those people get sucked up into left camps. You also have huge numbers of charity workers and lobby firm workers on the left wing charity payroll.

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This is what they're going to try to impeach him for next.

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China already had 100 to 200 million more subscriptions than it has people so it's not a very reliable representation of population.

The subscriptions are probably work related.

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You can simplify this as the media is the privatised propaganda industry.

I think those with romantic Louise Lane like fantasies of the press would be shocked if they understood how it all really works.

Prior to the internet the press could get away with an awful lot as the publishing and broadcast capability was scarce, under the control of a few, unidirectional and easily bought out. We see this with reddit where we've had to build our own ark to survive the onslaught. We were only lucking to get some truth when competing forces publish what the others don't want them to publish benefiting the public as a side effect. When the owners of the media are in agreement on anything in those circumstances the public are screwed.

In democracy if you measure influence over the result then it might surprise you that people despite each having direct control over their own vote have very little sway.

If you convert the currencies of impact on outcome to establish real voting power then you'll find that the media often has more votes than the people. People are so dependent on it there's not as much self control as you might think when it comes to voting. The newspaper has more control over the vote of many individuals than they do themselves.

The relationship between journalist and politician has always been special because from a politician's position it's the journalist that got them into power and not their voters.

The media is engaged in all sorts of control campaigns filling people's heads with nonsense. Their job isn't to inform but to act as shepards over livestock and to control the flock and while we might have pleasant notions of shepards, you should consider the implications of domesticating and reducing populations to the status of livestock.

The is also a current on going war of those who held that power against the internet to reclaim it and keep their position as gatekeepers of information.

When Trump won that was a massive blow in the war to established power. He has very little media support overall or monetary backing but annihilated his opposition. To them it was a huge shock, a defeat as catastrophic as the century of humiliation for China when the rest of the world overcame them with a tech victory all rolled into a single election. As devastating to the democrats as when they lost the civil war hence the rise of the neo-KKK, Antifa all the same old same old.

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Pause at 30 seconds in for dick lips.

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I think just knowing the falsehood rate is the most important.

I don't think that is hard. Double test a small amount of times using high reliability methods. You don't have to do a great amount of extra testing to determine the relative rates.

False negatives might be a problem with the Chinese numbers if their test kits had an 80% false negative rate.

There are different strategies for each type of testing as long as you know what to expect.

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I don't see many because the deportation is quite effective. I don't think we miss anything. If someone wants to see what they have to say then just check the latest Fake News Network article.

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Worse than Hitler.

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A very basic projection on available data shows it can be very bad or completely fizzle out.

However, I am really now concerned by the data from China which looks too good to be true.

They sent kits abroad with 80% false negative rates? If that is correct, what about the kits they used or still use domestically?

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I relay your message to him and he said "I'm already full thanks." as a he licked away a spec of cum from his lip.

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I'm very cynical toward the possibility of solving far left social justice and fundamentalist political correctness in a way that's entirely civil.

It's apparent that these people, either congenitally or through their ideology are lobotomised and incapable of reason.

The reason they never use reason is because it doesn't work for them. The problem isn't that they can't meme, they can't reason. The way they treat dissenters is also the same way the operate internally.

They use the methods of subversion, authoritarianism and coercion on others because those are the only things that work on them. That's all they have in their arsenal.

You might try to be civil as possible but that can only go so far. What else can you do if people can't see reason?

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That study consisted of to small a sample and only tested one ingredient.

The original doctor suggested anti-biotics to prevent secondary infection and I presume reduce the immune systems load in general plus zync in combination with hydroxychloroquine.

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