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I think it's a bit more a white that's not completely compliant to them. The rest comes after that. Biden gets a pass being a willing puppet. Some other special exceptions as well such as presently being female allows bipass of the prohibition on whites.

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I agree that's one way to do it.

This this is another case where I must explain the liberal language. The liberal in this case made an entirely valid argument.

In the liberal vocabulary white supremacy is when a white person comes out on top. For example, Trump is supreme leader of the nation or at least you can somewhat put it that way (though not in the sense of it they mean in DPRK for example).

In our language if we think of white supremacy then it might be that to support someone being in office because they're white. In the liberal language it means supporting a person that is white being in office.

Very subtle but you see the difference. Although both our languages use most of the same words and terms they mean different things in each language.

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Another W T F: "The name Karen has become synonymous on social media with people who call 911 with racist intentions"

We are reminded once again why we call it fake news. All it means is a self entitled self important uppity demanding woman. Her inflated sense of self worth may or may not be due to her race.

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"as several high-profile incidents captured on cellphone video, including some in the Bay Area, have shown people threatening to call police because of racial biases."

Such as? Examples?

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Good point, if they have to prove it's not going to STEM then it forces the separation. Though my concern isn't just monetary. I'm not sure it's even appropriate to share the same campus entirely.

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The problem is it all goes into the same pot potentially or you can just shift things around. STEM budget from student fees, move it over here. It may already be like that by design to a fair degree. If don't that, the separation needs to be strong.

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If you're part of an intel agency trying to monitor all new web links / content then it would be very easy with the tools you have to become a top link poster on reddit.

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Evidence of 5 years of activity but only 3 years of data comes up for me.

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In an effort to not through out the baby with the bathwater I believe that universities will have to be split.

People didn't just get smarter so why are so many people going? There aren't that many university worthy candidates.

They should have created a separated institute for continued education not based on intellect but on willingness to spend more to stay in school. By law they must officially make their status clear. That it is "Pay To Stay." and that there's not guarantee of coming out much better nor does participation / completion mean that you're very smart.

Those institutes for the common masses should contain the watered down subjects such as sociology. That doesn't solve the entire problem but it's a start.

Quality still needs to be raised and maintained in the institutes for those with money to burn or that are willing to go into debt.

It's crucial however to separate the wheat from the chaff and to protect it. Sociology really doesn't do anything but things such as pure chemistry is really where we want federal money to go where we can then for example improve medicine and achieve real technological advances rather than this obsession with sociological advances that only turn out to be a step back.

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That's very random but I'm actually referring to a video I've seen distributed among the school system in the UK I've just seen over someone's shoulder. In the UK political indoctrination is illegal. The video is full of propaganda that's illegal if you're actually teaching that to kids.

It goes on about global organisations, climate change, etc. All the works. Now some of this stuff is debatable. We probably all care about the environment and whether or not that crosses a line is debatable.

It did however also have some very distinct messages effectively calling for communism. There were a few but it saying about us all working together and stuff mentioning things like taking all we produce and sharing it with everyone fairly.

Fair is when you keep what you produce.

It was clearly advocacy. Saying you have to go tell everyone about it. Please search for it. It's happening now in UK schools under some initiative to teach children about their rights. It's propaganda.

I'm shocked by what I've seen and this is not the first time. This one is illegal because it violates the Education Act's prohibition on political indoctrination in schools.

I've also seen raw documents in their original form with COVID-19 risk assessment which violates the Equality Act. Someone needs to send someone inside these public schools. They're criminal organisations.

I've been told it can't be illegal it's from UNICEF. So that's where it's coming from. While they're purging is online and else where, they're illegally given a platform in schools where it's against the law to politically indoctrinate.

The thing is, these kids are 4-5 years old. I'm blowing the whistle on what I've seen in the past through weeks working at home with a bunch of other people and seeing this stuff lying around, etc.

It's blatant propaganda coming in telling children about the glorious UN and all the rights it gives them converting kids to globalism. I am so enraged I could punch every school teacher's teeth out in the entire borough. I've never seen something so disturbing.


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UNICEF as well. I just saw some internal material they're giving out in the public sector that's literally communist propaganda saying things like we need to take all we produce and share it. UNESCO as well. Anything with ties to the UN except the UNSC. The UNSC is the only important thing the UN really does.

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The thing is they couldn't tell anyone to do shit in the first place. Withdrawal is necessary because people just don't get it. People indoctrinated with globalist thinking don't understand that their country is independent and not subservient to some random multinational organisation.

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I've had this conversation with a lot of people and unfortunately it's complicated.

The same dogmatic element that's abundant in TRA isn't entirely absence in the "LGB" movement either.

At the same time, LGB are sexual orientations. Categorically speaking, the irony is S, straight, is more appropriate to include in that group than trans.

There's some association with homosexuality as for example a homosexual is a male with a female sexual orientation. They might have other neurological traits. Historically a male may also be diminished as gay simply for having feminine traits. They're not the same but there's some tenuous relationship.

I think it's good that there's a good number gay people are trying to distance themselves from it but at the same time that presents challenges. One person's withdrawal from the problemspace isn't necessarily another's.

There are a few trans people that are simply eccentric and keeping to themselves while respecting other's boundaries.

Trans otherwise is nearly always as a result of mental illness. However trans as a mental illness on its own from what I've seen is quite rare. Trans is a symptom of something gone wrong. Like the car not starting, there could be any number of reasons. You name the mental disorder, list them all, chances are it could lead to that kind of aberrant behaviour. Even mental retardation is implicated in many cases.

Trans can become a mental illness unto it's own once people go through with it. Imagine cutting off your dick then changing your mind. They can develop very strong defence mechanisms around what may have been a bad choice that they end up stuck with, this happens even to those who don't get snipped. I've seen them collapse and their world crumbling when they realise for years and years it's all just been an act that they're a female, they've told everyone that and gone along with it for so long.

There's a huge social debt built up for example having for years have had everyone accept them as something they're not. The self hate and outbursts of uncontrolled rage are often staggering if you do successfully convince them they're living a lie and caught in their own trap as well as the absurdity of it. Not the mention the embarrassment of basically having been the clown or the elephant in the room everywhere they've been. Having to tell everyone they were wrong after being so committed...

Each case needs special attention and treatment. There's really no such thing as a trans doctor. It's like a doctor specialising in coughing. You don't really get it yet many professions claim to specialise in trans. Everyone seems to be offering those services these days when you should be able to count the number of specialists in that highly specific field on your fingers and toes.

Compassion is important but you also have to remember many of these people have mental disorders that make them really really nasty. You can't let your guard down with many of them. You always need to hold your ground.

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The admins removed it for hatespeech. Then threatened the sub's mods if they did anything like that again.

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I never ever in my entire life thought I'd say something like this but I'd like to see Trump go full Pirate Bay on Reddit. Raid all the offices, take everything, physically take all of the servers, arrest all the owners, arrest all key staff, question all other staff, take all electronic devices. Clear the entire operation out and don't leave a single kilobit unturned. I no longer have any respect for reddit or what they do.

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I am honestly surprised. When you're a political candidate you're trying to draw in as much attention as possible from both your own supporters and indirectly from the opposition.

How many people do you have to hit to get some crazies that will actually do things such as send racist letters?

Around 1% of the population will at some point be diagnosed with schizophrenia so account of that alone we're looking at just a few hundred being enough to tempt fate.

Considering all the other possible factors then if you start becoming known to thousands then tens of thousands of people you can soon expect to receive all kinds of hate mail.

To have to fake hate mail suggests a few possibilities.

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This is the question. If it's not 4 then what is it? 2 + 2 = coconut? Does that come before or after potato?

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It's important to remember that journalists all operate exactly under the same restrictions anyone else does in China. It's the editorial code.

The irony is here is that it's just those news publishers that really do need to be reigned in.

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There seems to be a concerted effort to do JP in. No one's perfect. I smell that they are trying to attack him while he's down.

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Make it him beating the shit out of Joe Biden.

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I tend to agree, it's not someone's personal dance floor just because they feel like it.

In this situation there's still some expectation for the driver to stop. However they weren't necessarily visible until the last moment.

Having a party in the middle of the motorway is retarded, why not have a tea party on the train tracks while they're at it?

There is limited scope for liability even if there might be some technical driving violation. However I don't know the full story or the law in this case.

What if it turned out he was drunk for example? Then it gets a lot more complicated.

Either way, no pity from me for idiots who are so deranged and poorly raised that they think narcissistic prancing around on a motorway in the middle of the night in the name of defunding the police or giving black people criminal immunity is a good idea.

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