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This awesome guy is also hip to being fat-adapted. If you do not know what this means, research it, or watch his vid on Nootropics where he offers a basic breakdown. If the population followed his advice on diet alone (the supplements aside), the majority of mental and physical ailments would disappear and the medical industry would lose it's power over the population. Changing your diet WILL change your life in ways you cannot imagine... I know this from personal experience. I'm 55 and have never felt better.

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Someone missed math class. It means: If 100 blacks were shot, 97 were shot by other blacks and 3 were shot by cops.

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Someone slap someone in the face with a glove already. 10 paces... GO!

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Dual maintenance protocol: axle grease for the cyborg, MCT for the organic materials. Seriously, if you have pancreas issues, look into Super Enzymes by Now if your pancreas can't do it's job.

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Why the downvotes? That comment is funny as hell. We all need a laugh once in a while. Lighten up people.

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Truth. All seed oils are unhealthy. Use MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oils, e.g. lard, tallow, butter, olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil. Seed oils, e.g. Canola, vegetable oil or any seed oil are Short Chain Triglyceride oils and are super unhealthy due to the instability of the oil and it's tendency to go rancid, creating free radicals, resulting in cancer. If it's man made food, it's most likely not healthy.

I figured out the high fat way of eating about 2 years ago. I'm mostly carnivore, and stay way away from most carbs and sugar and haven't felt or looked better in my life.

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Do not listen to this person. If you want butter, use real butter. It's much better for you than the fake butter swill. If you need axle grease, use fake butter.

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They are all being told what they can and can't say. Good journalist or not, if your voice is being throttled by a reality show mogul, it's partial Fake News and is no better than a reality show.

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It seems some of the stupidest people are college students.

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James Franco...Just another Pedowood actor whose name is on the Epstein flight manifest to Pedophile island.

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