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The only way I would imagine this differently is that the lawfare crowd would write their little articles and the Obama judges would use those as the baseline of what to ask.

But yea in this day and age they could look at twitter or whatever to get their questions in real time.

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AHAHAHAHAH listen to them saying hallo

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He is a total disaster. An Obama judge who was on the first 2-1 panel. He was against Flynn and wrote a dissent against Flynn so he is probably is the most invested in the "destroy Flynn" position out of this whole group

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I think they are going to debate whether to kick corrupt judge Sullivan off the case below at the district level, though I'm not 100% sure about that.

In any case it should be interesting. Superstar lawyer Sydney Powell will make an appearance, who took the lead in exposing Sullivan's corruption before. So hopefully she will have some choice words for him this time as well.

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What thread is this

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This dumb Axios bitch walked into the trap so easily.

"Her boyfriend was killed or committed suicide so I wish her well." - Exactly.

Should have asked Axios guy "Do you wish her to be killed in prison? Do you? Well I don't want to see that for anyone. So I wish her well."

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Sounds just like something a typical Democrat run city would do

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Yea, he started voting liberal earlier than that

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They are in NY to begin with, super far left super liberal on average. Now forget who is getting SENT. Who is willing to GO? Who is willing to go and guard this anti-cop filth of a vandalism. That's already a select group within a select group.

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You can't. At one point you'll have to get to the part where you need to give contact info at minimum. At which point if the listing was fake from a lunatic retard leftist they will gain that data.

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Hey, OP claiming she was a "conservative" is factually wrong. Can you repost with a more accurate title?

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Amy Berman Jackson is an openly corrupt judge who had no problems with a Democrat politician who previously ran for office to be the jury forewoman in the Stone case. And when it publicly came out that the forewoman lied under oath and posted anti-Trump and anti-Stone messages on twitter, corrupt judge Amy Berman Jackson actively covered that up.

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Take the garbage bag called Chris Wallace with you

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The most super weird thing I remember about Roberts is how he refused to read a question of a SENATOR during impeachment, on live TV because the question was about Eric Ciaramella. (The question didn't even state he was the whistleblower)

That was creepy af

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Did she already delete the tweet? At the time of the last archive creation about 10 minutes ago it was still up.

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Ellen Pao might try to hide this damning tweet now from the public.


Maybe she thought "20 retweets is not too many", maybe I can delete this before there is proof I said it.

But she would be wrong about that


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