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Finally, this piece of shit non-judge might get off the case. He is a Democrat radical in robes, it's becoming clearer by the day.

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This judge is corrupt, there is no question about it. He thinks he is in the executive branch as well. Next he will say he can pass laws too. Totally mad with his own power

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It would be really glorious if so many people learn about this case that one day Joe gets into a big argument with one of his guests on the show and he gets a :

"Tell me about your dead intern, Joe"

right to his face.

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Sally Yates learned of the wiretap of Flynn from Obama.

That's banana republic stuff. The whole thing is seriously insane.

Prosecutor is informed by El Presidente that an opposition figure said some stuff on the phone (which we obviously tap since it's the opposition...) and prosecutor should find out if "anything could be done". Could a charge be found doesn't have to be recent could be a 200+ year old law...

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They intentionally falsified the quote. But why wouldn't they if they won't pay any price?

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Pretty sure Bill didn't understand that reply or he wouldn't have phrased the original tweet the way he did.

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The full name is

Coronavirus Disease 2019

19 simply means it first appeared in humans in 2019. / Was discovered at that time. So not the scientific family.

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Key part:

Gaps in Preparedness Crimson Contagion exercised a nationwide pandemic influenza response, testing current plans, policies, and procedures, as well as the nation’s core capability to respond. This exercise was the largest pandemic exercise to date ... The exercise found that, in the event of a pandemic:

If vaccine development and procurement for medical countermeasures is needed above current capacity, additional funding would likely be required.

The U.S. lacks sufficient domestic manufacturing capacity and/or raw materials for ... personal protective equipment, including masks, needles, and syringes. Further, in a pandemic, global manufacturing capacity will likely not be sufficient to meet demand, resulting in an inability to import adequate quantities of medial countermeasures.

To that point, supply chain issues are among the most significant challenges to preparing for an influenza pandemic as well as other infectious diseases. Today, we are dependent on receipt of active ingredients in America’s pharmaceutical and over the counter drugs come from China and India; this dependency also extends beyond pharmaceuticals and includes auxiliary medical supplies such as syringes and gloves3 . This dramatic shift in the manufacture of medicines is very recent in origin. In the 1990s the U.S., Europe, and Japan manufactured ninety percent of the global supply of the key ingredients for the world’s medicines and vitamins. Now, China is the largest global supplier.

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Lots of lefties constantly f5-ing the site waiting for the chance to start posting then immediately reporting "rule breaking" content.

They also vote

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I see a technical problem with this plan. Let's say Wray is fired and this guy is nominated.

How do we know the current number two isn't someone like McCabe who is even worse than Comey in that example? Then if the Senate takes any time on the confirmation there is so much damage that he could do.

Let's not forget Mueller got in while McCabe was director. Feels like not a coincidence.

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Yes, when we had enough mods we had the capacity to ban accounts like this. But with so much traffic going over so few mods it's becoming impossible probably.

Imagine what would they post if there was no lockdown...

What sick shit they would try to pin on Trump supporters sensing an opportunity with so few mods.

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Yes, this is very good, but it only shows the "top ten" so to speak in a verifiable way. I'm looking for the full, complete list. Someone must have taken a screenshot. I should have taken one since I was a mod before the purge, but it was always easier to assume this info would be saved somewhere. I realized too late that archival websites no longer properly work.

Previously you could archive the full modlist like this :


It's insane to have better, more accurate records from 2016, than from 2020 ... But this seems to be the situation due to Reddit's quarantine

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That's not the case. One mod who survived the purge commented in the admins thread :Something like : 'thanks but we don't need your help, we can vet and add new mods ourselves.'

And they purged him that same day.

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Did you not read the post where the Reddit admins declare that they will "vet" any new moderators?

Do you think anyone who supports Trump could get through "reddit admin vetting"?

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